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No easy solutions to the scourge of demand-side bribery

Imagine your house is on fire. In the front of the house, you have a fire department working tirelessly to put out the fire with water. In the back, someone is spraying your house with gasoline.*

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Practice Alert: Mexico expands asset forfeiture to anti-corruption enforcement

Legislative changes in Mexico continue to expand the tools prosecutors have to fight corruption and to effectively recover illicitly acquired assets, particularly from corrupt activities. This is all the more significant given the recent major prosecutorial actions against the former CEO of PEMEX and others in what seems to indicate Mexico's turn toward pursuing major corruption cases.

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What role does the WTO have in global anti-corruption enforcement?

There are many factors that make international trade particularly vulnerable to corruption. This begs the question of what has been done to fight corruption, particularly by international organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO), whose role is regulating international trade.

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Dr. Klaus Moosmayer: The private sector can and must make a difference in the fight against corruption

On May 23rd, the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations held a high-level debate in the General Assembly to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the Assembly’s adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

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UNCAC reviews: 184 countries, 6 languages, limited funding, tight deadlines -- what could possibly go wrong?

UNODC's Dr. Oliver LandwehrDr. Oliver Landwehr has been a legal officer at the UN Office of Drugs and Crime in Vienna since 2012. His job is conducting country reviews under the framework set out in the UN Convention against Corruption.

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France: Foreign anti-bribery bill won't allow corporate settlements

The French bill for Transparency and Modernization of Economic Life, which, among other things, aims at preventing foreign bribery and intensifying the fight against it, has been the subject of much speculation during the past few months.

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NGOs to OECD: Corporate pretrial agreements can work, but we still need deterrence

The OECD is hosting an Anti-Bribery Ministerial meeting Wednesday (March 16) to discuss how to strengthen implementation of its Anti-Bribery Convention. One of the issues on the table for discussion is how to encourage voluntary disclosure by companies of wrongdoing and how settlements can be used to do that.

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Dispatch from the KPK: ‘Like David's war against Goliath’

Image courtesy of the KPKRegular readers of the FCPA Blog know we're a big fan of Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

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A plea to Mr. Holder: Help corruption’s victims

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (Image courtesy of the DOJ)The movement to use anticorruption enforcement proceeds for the benefit of corruption's true victims is gaining ever more momentum.

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It's online, free, and user-friendly. The Anti-Bribery Research Guide

Earlier this week we talked about Our Lists under the Archive tab in the top menu of the FCPA Blog. Today we want to remind readers of the University of Richmond Online Anti-Bribery Research Guide that can also be found under the Archive tab in the top menu, pictured left.

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