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Twitter account tracks dictators’ planes to and from Geneva

A Twitter account called GVA Dictator Alert tracks planes registered to or used by despots when they fly into and out of Geneva, Switzerland.

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So, you want to blog about corruption.....

Last week, we participated in a panel discussion at the World Bank, titled “Voice of Corruption Hunters in Social Media.” The panel was part of the World Bank’s International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA) Conference and served as an opportunity for several of us in the communication and academic worlds to discuss the importance of social media for sharing anti-corruption ideas and strategies.

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‘Swazileaks’ exposes ruler's $60 million a year lifestyle

Anonymous citizens from East Africa's Swaziland, one of the world's poorest countries, are using a Twitter account called SwaziLeaks to expose the lavish lifestyles of the country’s ruling family.

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Navalny convicted of Twitter libel, could be jailed

Image courtesy of Wiki CommonsRussian opposition leader and anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny was convicted of libel Tuesday and could be sent to prison.

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What is Weibo (and why should we care)?

The Chinese social media dragon has risen. According to the Peoples Online Public Monitoring Office, Weibo, the country’s answer to Twitter, has more than 500 million users. And judging by their impact, they mean business.

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Job: Sales Compliance Program Manager

Job Title: Sales Compliance Program Manager

Company: Twitter

Location: San Francisco, CA

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APIs drive new compliance solutions

When talking about enterprise solutions for any function, one question asked often is, “How does this work with our company’s existing software?” For enterprise systems to be seamless company wide, they have to talk to each other.

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Compliance and the cloud

Technology has given the compliance world access to tools that couldn't have been imagined in 1977 when Jimmy Carter signed the FCPA into law. 

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Some GR8 News 4 Us

We're saying thank you today for an unexpected New Year's gift from Jay Varkey. What did he give us? The perfectly named He's had the page for a while and gathered quite a few followers. But he thought of us.

In our world, his donation is roughly equivalent to the Louisiana Purchase with Alaska and Hawaii thrown in. We're overwhelmed. The only condition Jay placed on the gift: Put it to good use to promote the FCPA and related topics. We'll do our best.

Jay is based in Washington, D.C. as a Managing Consultant with Navigant. He conducts FCPA investigations in the U.S. and Europe and other compliance work in the Middle East and Asia. His colleague and our frequent rescuer, Cody Worthington, handled arrangements for the transfer -- the smoothest toss since Tinker to Evers to Chance.

To those already following the FCPA page on Twitter, hello and thank you. And we look forward to others joining the discussion here.

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How powerful is Twitter in the world of compliance? The story is still being written. By coincidence, Rochelle Meddoff's article today for the Global Graft Report explores the world-changing potential of 140 characters. She writes about India's SMS / text messaging anti-corruption campaign. From the start, she says, it put enormous power in the hands of  . . .  everyone. In the same way that Twitter has. Her story is here.