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Enforcement Survey: What happens to public officials who take bribes?

The business community often complains during consultations with the OECD Working Group on Bribery that its focus on criminalizing the supply-side of foreign bribery creates an unbalanced approach to enforcement. In their view, companies face credible enforcement risks and high sanctions if they engage in foreign bribery, while the public officials who solicit or receive bribes seem to enjoy de facto impunity.

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FCA Study: Millions of Brits are too timid to complain

More than 15 million people in the UK routinely miss out on refunds, replacement products, and getting other problems sorted because they don’t know how to complain with confidence.

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Frances McLeod: We need to audit culture change too

Culture is often thought of as a soft issue because companies struggle to measure its effectiveness. But culture and compliance are linked.

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Does e-government reduce corruption? Take the survey

Do e-government and digital technologies really help to prevent corruption? Companies appear to believe that they do -- but what's your view?

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Joe Murphy: Do compliance programs work?

This has always been a challenging question: How do you prove that preventive work stopped something bad from happening?

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Julie DiMauro on the cost of compliance: Handling regulatory overload with fintech

Compliance officers are experiencing regulatory fatigue and overload in the face of ever-changing and growing regulations. How they deal with the onslaught depends upon their resources and risk profile, among other considerations.

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Greg Esslinger: Political risk analysis can save your compliance program

Since 2001, Control Risks has analyzed international corruption and compliance, through discussions with clients and surveys. The results show that although honest companies are still losing business to corrupt competitors, they are doing so at a slower rate than over a decade ago.

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Kroll and Ethisphere Report: Compliance officers have that sinking feeling

Kroll and Ethisphere released their 2016 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report Wednesday.

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KPMG survey: Oil price collapse drains funding for FCPA compliance

As if historically low commodity prices are not enough for energy and natural resource executives to contend with, a recent KPMG International survey found that addressing anti-bribery and corruption remains highly or exceedingly challenging. At the top of the list of challenges for 89 percent of respondents? Employee awareness, training and communications, and varying country regulations.

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Risk Advisory Group report: Compliance is so complex, it’s now its own risk (with video)

Compliance is becoming so complex that today’s compliance professionals are concerned about how the function will protect businesses in the future, according to the London-based Risk Advisory Group. 

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Survey: Enforcement drives compliance, and whistleblowers rise

AlixPartners recently conducted its annual anticorruption survey which looked at the impact corruption has on corporate and economic growth. In particular, we explored the ways companies are identifying corruption risk and the steps they're taking to deal with the risks.

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Survey shows more disputes and potential litigation for U.S. and Europe companies

FCPA Blog-sponsor AlixPartners released its 2014 Litigation and Compliance Survey last week. The report explored the nature and frequency of disputes faced by companies in North American and Europe and the various approaches that companies are undertaking to deal with potential litigation. The survey found that companies in both the U.S. and Europe are experiencing an increase in litigation activity and, as a result, are ramping up their staffing to deal with this issue.

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