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The future of business ethics: Hyper-transparency and other global trends

In the future, compliance officers will need to anticipate and respond to a transformation in business ethics. Here are six trends to watch out for.

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Nicole Rose: There's something to learn from, ahem, presidential candidates

Whether we agree with their politics or not, most presidential candidates are a great example of mass communicators, educators, and trainers. They manage to engage millions of people on issues that many would usually consider boring, such as the minutiae of domestic and foreign policies.

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Mike Scher: Can law students really disrupt the vicious cycle of corruption?

My thanks to Professor Andy Spalding and his students from the University of Richmond School of Law for undertaking the Rio 2016 project and executing it with dedication and enthusiasm. I hope it becomes a model for law students around the globe.

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So, you want to blog about corruption.....

Last week, we participated in a panel discussion at the World Bank, titled “Voice of Corruption Hunters in Social Media.” The panel was part of the World Bank’s International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA) Conference and served as an opportunity for several of us in the communication and academic worlds to discuss the importance of social media for sharing anti-corruption ideas and strategies.

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Mixed reviews for social media from compliance pros 

Social media can be used to help disseminate information about a compliance program and to promote the program's virtues. But some think using social media for anything related to compliance it still too risky. The FCPA Blog reached out to several experts for their insights.

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In Malaysia, Facebook use at work could be corruption

The Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission said civil servants using Facebook or Twitter at work may face corruption charges.

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From Nigeria, a note from the Whistleblowers Forum

Dear Readers of the FCPA Blog,

We at the Nigerian Whistle-Blowers Forum (on Facebook) are truly excited about the FCPA's emergence, and staunch posture against global corruption.

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Compliance and the cloud

Technology has given the compliance world access to tools that couldn't have been imagined in 1977 when Jimmy Carter signed the FCPA into law. 

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