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Resource Alert: The Jury (Instruction) Is In

Over on the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, Solomon L. Wisenberg posted links to FCPA-related jury instructions from some recent prosecutions.

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Second Thoughts About The Second Sting Trial

Another group of defendants went on trial this week in federal court in the Africa sting case.

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Military Equipment Maker Pays $16 Million In Settlement

Armor Holdings Inc., a military and law enforcement equipment company formerly listed on the NYSE and now owned by BAE Systems, will pay $16 million to resolve FCPA violations arising from bribes to secure U.N. contracts and covering the payments up.

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Letter From Law Enforcement

One of the toughest and most important jobs anywhere is that of a law enforcement officer. So we're happy today to hear from a member of that community.

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Feds Should Forget The Shot Show Defendants

When Judge Richard Leon declared a mistrial in the first shot-show trial Thursday, sending the jury home after five days of deadlocked deliberations, he handed the DOJ's FCPA unit its biggest setback ever. Against the four defendants who went on trial in mid May on multiple counts, there wasn't a single conviction on a single count.

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Mistrial! Gov't Shoots Blanks In Shot-Show Case

Main Justice has reported that the judge in the shot-show case today declared a mistrial.

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No Verdict Yet In Shot-Show Trial

The Wall Street Journal's Joe Palazzolo reported last night that the jury in the trial of the first four shot-defendants are deadlocked after voting six times in five days, and the judge may declare a mistrial after one more vote by the jury today.

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Stewart On Tyson: Who's Accountable?

In February, Tyson Foods settled FCPA offenses with the DOJ and the SEC for $5.2 million. The offenses related to illegal payments by company representatives to government-employed inspection veterinarians in Mexico, and a cover-up of the payments.

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Jury Mulls Fate of Four Shot Show Defendants

The first shot-show defendants to be tried in federal court in Washington, D.C. are now waiting for the jury to return its verdict. Their trial opened on May 16.

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Shot-Show Trial Opens In DC

The first shot-show defendants are in federal court in Washington, D.C., where jury selection has just started.

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FCPA Defendants Face The Verdict Of History

Should anyone be surprised by the guilty verdicts handed down Tuesday in the Lindsey case? Not at all. History, and the odds, are always against FCPA defendants.

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Guilty Plea By Shot-Show Defendant

Haim Geri, one of the 22 shot-show defendants, pleaded guilty yesterday in the District of Columbia to one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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