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Andy Spalding: Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Revolution Continues

Brazil’s Supreme Court has authorized a federal investigation into Brazilian President Michel Temer’s role in the sprawling corruption scandal known as Operation Car Wash. If Temer’s presidency does not survive the investigation -- and I’m betting it won’t -- it will be another chapter in what may be the most dramatic anti-corruption enforcement story this world has ever seen.

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Andy Spalding: Why doping scandals are good for the Olympics

Track and field was once the pre-eminent Summer Olympics event. I suspect most readers can name many more track and field stars from history -- Jim Thorpe, Eric Liddell, Jesse Owens, Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence Griffith-Joyner, and so on -- than they could from any other event.

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Andy Spalding: Why Olympism and anti-corruption are kindred movements

The Olympic Movement, and the global anti-corruption movement, each manifest a common aspiration.  Springing from the same place in the human mind, they imagine the same alternative world, and then seek to build it.

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Rio 2016 Press Coverage: Of Men and Molehills

Reports of delayed infrastructure projects for the Rio 2016 Olympics have been picked up with fervor in recent days by numerous press outlets. Some of these articles go as far as to speculate that various amenities will not be ready for the Games. After Brazil's showing during the World Cup in 2014, this speculation comes as no surprise.

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Rio 2016: Who watches the watchmen?

Conselheiro Thiers Montebello, President of the Tribunal de Contas for the Municipality of Rio de JanieroConselheiro Thiers Montebello is a busy man. He is the President of the Tribunal de Contas for the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (TCMRJ). Established in 1980, the TCMRJ is one of two municipal auditing tribunals in all of Brazil. It is responsible for monitoring projects executed by the City of Rio de Janeiro that are funded from the municipal treasury or through public-private partnerships.

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The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part Five, conc.)

Developing nations like Brazil devote huge sums of public money to construct the stadiums and other works necessary for sporting mega-events. These works are used for a few weeks or months, and then too often, usage declines. Brazil has already experienced this pain once in hosting the World Cup in 2014, and hopes to not revisit this pain with the 2016 Olympics.

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The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part Four)

In the Olympic Charter, the International Olympic Committee has specifically identified human rights, environmental issues, and international intellectual property laws as major topics that host-country contracts and laws must address. However, corruption and transparency receive comparatively little attention. This leaves the host country free to adopt its own anti-corruption measures, if it takes any such action at all.

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The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part Three) 

In this multi-part series, we’re addressing questions related to corruption leading up to the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio. The Olympic Games require a vast amount of equipment, supplies, and services to be a success, and Rio 2016 is no exception. Efforts to address these procurement needs have already begun and the bidding process is ongoing. As part of our study, we will review the legal and cultural framework for procurement in Brazil and the procurement measures in place for Rio 2016. Our previous posts can be found here and here.

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The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part One)

The Olympics can evoke the grandest of ideals: fair competition guided by universal rules, infused with genuine sportsmanship, challenging each of us to be our best while fostering international cooperation.

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