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Selva Ozelli: U.S. struggles to balance tax transparency and national security

On March 12, President Trump issued an executive order blocking the biggest tech merger in history for fear that Broadcom Ltd “might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States.”

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Memo to movie makers: Film roles can be something ‘of value’ 

In the fall of 2013, the FCPA Blog published my series Cameo Corruption, which focused on the potential use of film roles as something “of value” that could be improperly offered to influence foreign officials.

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Managing compliance in China's emerging new civilization

President Xi Jinping visits UNESCO in Paris in 2014A new phase has begun in the maturation of China as an economic superpower, an era that President Xi Jinping has taken to calling “the new normal.” The ongoing challenge for Beijing is to transition from a largely investment-propelled, export-oriented economy to one increasingly driven by consumption.

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Report: Qualcomm paid $975,000 to China anti-trust official for ‘consulting fees’

China’s State Council has fired one of its senior advisors for allegedly helping Qualcomm Inc. in an anti-trust probe in exchange for $975,000 in consulting fees.

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SEC recommends action against Qualcomm

Qualcomm Inc, the world’s biggest mobile chipmaker, could face a FCPA enforcement action over alleged bribery to officials in China’s state-owned firms, the company disclosed in an SEC filing Wednesday.

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Qualcomm finds evidence in China investigation

San Diego-based Qualcomm said this week it has discovered 'instances in which special hiring consideration, gifts or other benefits . . . were provided to several individuals associated with Chinese state-owned companies or agencies.'

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Qualcomm investigation grows

Qualcomm said this week it has stepped up a review of its FCPA compliance, while the DOJ and SEC continue to investigate the company.

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Qualcomm's New Disclosure

San Diego-based Qualcomm Incorporated updated its FCPA disclosure last week. It first disclosed in January that a whistleblower complaint triggered an investigation.

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Qualcomm's Whistleblower Woes

San Diego-based Qualcomm Incorporated said this week it is under investigation by the SEC and DOJ for FCPA compliance.

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