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Entries in Proclamation 7750 (24)


Compliance officers take note: White House affirms anti-graft priorities

President Barack Obama issued a National Security Strategy Friday, the first one since 2010 and only the second from his administration.

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Hungary protesters: ‘Fire our tax collector the Americans call corrupt’

Ildikó Vida, chief of Hungary's tax authorityMore than 10,000 Hungarians protested in front of the national Parliament in Budapest Monday evening. Besides expressing their anger toward Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government, their main demand was that the head of the tax authority, Ildikó Vida, resign.

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Hungary demands evidence following U.S. ban on officials and businessmen

Chargé d'Affaires M. André Goodfriend (Embassy photo by Attila Németh)The United States imposed a travel ban on ten Hungarian officials and businessmen, the Hungarian media reported Friday morning. By early afternoon chargé d'affaires of the U.S. embassy in Budapest, M. André Goodfriend, called a press conference and confirmed that the United States revoked the visas of "less then ten” persons.

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The price for impunity is higher than ever

If Western governments sounded frustrated with Kenya's leaders after last week's attack at the Westgate mall, they had good reason.

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Will we see coordinated enforcement of the FCPA and PATRIOT Act?

Since 9/11, a great deal of attention has been given to the ways in which anti-bribery laws can combat terrorist financing.

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The biggest anti-corruption story of 2012

U.S. Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, co-sponsored the Magnitsky ActPresident Obama signed into law in December the Magnitsky Act. It targets travel and economic sanctions against those responsible for the jailing and death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. But the importance of the law extends far beyond that.

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From the U.K., calls for transparency in visa bans

Members of the U.K. parliament are trying to force the government there to publicly disclose the names of human rights abusers who have been denied entry into the country.

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Names of Zumba johns released, bribe takers stay hidden

'Police in Kennebunk, Maine, on Monday released the names of close to two dozen people suspected of paying to have sex with a fitness instructor at her Zumba studio,' the story on CNN said.

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9/11 And The FCPA

What happened that day changed the way the world looks at corruption.

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Leaked Cable Reveals Kenya Visa Case

A secret cable published last week by Wikileaks shows for the first time how decisions to exclude foreign kleptocrats from the United States are made under Presidential Proclamation 7750.

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Do Oily Kleptocrats Slip Away?

Ken Silverstein asks in Foreign Policy why the kleptocratic regime of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea has escaped U.S. sanctions.

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Is Africa Rising?

Two reports from Africa -- from Kenya and Nigeria -- caught our eye.

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