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Eric Lochner on customer due diligence: UBOs in diapers

Performing due diligence on third parties can be hard. When you discover that your third party is still in diapers, however -- that’s pretty much a surefire sign something is amiss.

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Martin Kenney: UK rejects open public register of beneficial owners

I have decided to don my tin hat and stick my head above the parapets again. Why? Because for once common sense has prevailed and the anti-1% brigade have lost their argument for an open Public Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and her sister islands in the Caribbean.

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Martin Kenney on Hurricane Irma, U.S. hypocrisy, EU bullies and more

When 2017 began, I did not envisage how my life would change. I live and work in the British Virgin islands (BVI), a location rapidly becoming famous due to the publication of the Panama Papers and more latterly the Paradise Papers.

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Martin Kenney: EU Bully-Boys Draft Their Own ‘Santa’s Naughty List’

Hard on the heels of the publication of the Paradise Papers and its predecessor the Panama Papers, comes the European Union’s unveiling of its list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. The member states have joined forces to compile a list of states that they consider to be "rogue" when it comes to the issue of taxation.

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How disagreements bring us together

The opposite of agreement isn't disagreement, it's confusion. Until we fully understand what the other person is talking about, we can't join them in a discussion about it. Without a discussion, we can't really know if we agree or disagree. We can only be confused.

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Richard Bistrong: The FCPA helps define our role as global corporate citizens

In December 2015, I wrote about spending two Thanksgivings in federal prison. Even now, after being out of prison for twice the time I spent there, I know I'll never forget the separation from friends and loved ones. 

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Martin Kenney: Lawful tax avoidance is neither immoral nor unlawful

Debate is good. Balanced arguments are woven into the foundation of democracy. They enable those with conflicting perspectives to argue rationally. So I was delighted when Alison Taylor described my post as being provocative before taking me to task on a number of the issues I raised.

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Shruti Shah: Every big corruption story features anonymous companies

Since my initial post for the FCPA Blog on the Paradise Papers, I have read a lot of arguments against requiring increased transparency of anonymous companies, including a recent post on this blog, so I thought it would be useful to address some of these arguments and present another perspective.

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Adam Ross: It's too bad leaks, not leaders, are driving needed policy changes

I have a great deal of respect for Martin Kenney’s efforts in taking fraudsters to task and recovering funds on behalf of their victims. However, I found his recent post for the FCPA Blog about the so-called Paradise Papers to be deeply misguided.

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Alison Taylor on the Paradise Papers: Reputation has become an ethical issue, not a legal one

Martin Kenney’s provocative post last week for the FCPA Blog suggests that the Paradise Papers, like the Panama Papers, is just a titillating non-story. He makes a number of interesting arguments. Here are the ones I disagree with.

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Martin Kenney on the Paradise Papers: Real news or a titillating non-story?

The recent revelations arising out of the publication of the Paradise Papers have been gleefully seized upon by anti-corruption and tax justice campaigners.

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Shruti Shah: Paradise Papers show need to close beneficial owner loopholes

Image courtesy of the ICIJThe massive leak of 13.4 million files, dubbed the “Paradise Papers,” highlights loopholes that exist in the global financial system. The documents also show how easy it is for tax evaders, money launderers, and senior public officials to utilize anonymous companies to hide their identities, their potential conflicts of interest, and their business deals.

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