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OECD enforcement grades are in (and still aren't pretty)

For the tenth year in a row, Transparency International (TI) has assessed enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention (the Convention) and the results are disheartening.

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Protecting the integrity of World Bank initiatives to combat corruption

Image courtesy of the World BankWorld Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim recalls the question Paul Volcker posed to a group of anti-corruption leaders assembled in Washington, D.C.: "If the World Bank doesn’t take the lead against corruption, who else is going to do it?"

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Scotland votes to keep the UK Bribery Act

A  reader this week wrote:

Dear FCPA Blog,

I am just curious if Scotland splits off from the UK what are the implications for the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act? After all, it’s not every day a new nation is formed.

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Lebedev only partly right in calling for more enforcement

Russian businessman and publisher Alexander LebedevIn his call for the establishment of an international anti-corruption agency during last week’s Economic Crime Conference in Cambridge, UK (“We must create a global force to fight corruption”), Alexander Lebedev put forward some convincing arguments about how putting a stop to corruption will have huge benefits for the economy and society. He’s right --  getting governments to work together to enforce the law more rigorously is a critical part of achieving that.

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Esquenazi and Rodriguez file petition for Supreme Court review

Joel Esquenazi and Carlos Rodriguez petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday to review their convictions on FCPA-related charges for a scheme to bribe officials at Haiti’s state-owned telecom company.

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It's online, free, and user-friendly. The Anti-Bribery Research Guide

Earlier this week we talked about Our Lists under the Archive tab in the top menu of the FCPA Blog. Today we want to remind readers of the University of Richmond Online Anti-Bribery Research Guide that can also be found under the Archive tab in the top menu, pictured left.

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G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group issues foreign bribery enforcement priorities 

The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group has issued recommendations for G20 leaders to support economic growth through transparent institutions and enforcement mechanisms that combat foreign bribery.

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Maybe the Kiwis aren't so clean after all

New Zealand has ranked best for eight straight years on TI's corruption perceptions index. But that spotless reputation has been tarnished lately by bribery scandals in business, politics, and sports.

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Stopping the ‘malady of facilitation payments’

Small facilitation payments is a not so-small subject that has sparked much recent controversy. Commentators have asked why the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention doesn’t jump in and take a position on this issue. Well, as a matter of fact, it does.

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Upcoming Event: Fighting graft through collective public, private action

The International Center for Collective Action (ICCA), a division of the Basel Institute on Governance, is hosting a collective action event on June 26 and 27.

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OECD criticizes South Africa for zero foreign bribery prosecutions

The threat of a possible Phase 3bis evaluation, leading to a public statement of non-compliance, is a sure sign that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Group has encountered a brick wall.

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Conflict minerals: Due diligence, disclosure lessons for compliance (Part 3)

The four conflict minerals -- tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold This post is the third and last in a series exploring the topic of conflict minerals.

In Part oneexamined the origins of the reporting requirement. In Part two, we explored what constitutes sufficient due diligence in an investigation of a company and its supply chain.

Part three gives a nonexhaustive checklist of compliance best practices that companies can consult to begin their examination and reporting activities.

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