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Entries in OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials (22)


What does ISO 37001 say about due diligence?

ISO 37001-- a new standard for anti-bribery management systems -- slated to be published in late 2016, is expected to be more detailed and internationally recognized than similar guidance published to date.

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Dr. Klaus Moosmayer: Compliance, voluntary self disclosure, and a roundtable at the OECD

Dr. Klaus Moosmayer is the Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens AG (Image courtesy of Siemens)There is still the (dangerous) myth -- especially in media and sometimes at enforcement agencies -- that compliance has failed when a company reports acts of misconduct.

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After Paris: A coordinated fight against corruption could help save the European Union

Following the acts of war in Paris this weekend, as the sirens continue ringing in the city, it becomes even more obvious that the Member States can no longer throw rocks at the European Union while thinking they can recreate internal borders and live in quasi-autarky.

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KPMG survey: Compliance programs aren't reaching third-party risks

KPMG International recently released the results of its global anti-bribery and corruption survey in the report, Anti-Bribery and Corruption: Rising to the challenge in the age of globalization.

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Brazil enforcement lags but is on the rise, TI says

Transparency International’s 2015 Exporting Corruption report indicates that about half of the OECD antibribery convention countries have failed to prosecute any foreign bribery cases since 1999.

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Does the prohibition on facilitating payments correlate with higher levels of corruption? A question revisited

In a prior post on the FCPA Blog, we observed a pattern that surprised ourselves and many others: signatories to the OECD Convention that allow facilitating payments have a significantly better average ranking on the Corruption Perceptions Index than those countries that prohibit them. 

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The Tianjin Catastrophe, Customs Brokers, and Collective Action

Screen shot of drone footage posted by the BBC on YouTubeThe death toll following the huge explosions and chemical fires at the storage center in Tianjin port in China last week has now exceeded 100, including dozens of fire fighters, and hundreds more seriously injured.

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Notes from IACA, Part Three (concl.): A facilitation payments question we could not answer

Put 30 anti-corruption professionals from diverse countries in an academic classroom for three days, and the human mind goes to new places. Here’s a question that arose during my recent stint at the International Anti-Corruption Academy which we asked but could not answer. Can anyone?

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Olympics update: Beijing in, Boston out (Part One)

We learned Friday that Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, and that Boston withdrew from the 2024 race. From a corruption standpoint, there’s a lot going on here.

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Frozen: Iceland's cold shoulder steams OECD anti-graft group

Image courtesy of inspiredbyiceland on YouTubeThe OECD Working Group on Bribery said last week it has "serious concerns" about Iceland’s lack of progress fighting bribery of foreign public officials and implementing the OECD anti-bribery convention.

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OECD to France: When will enforcement start?

Last month, the OECD’s working group on bribery published its assessment of France’s response to its highly critical phase 3 monitoring report. It doesn’t make pretty reading for the hosting country.

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OECD: Most bribes are paid by big companies, with senior management knowledge

The OECD just released a foreign bribery report that analyzes more than 400 cases worldwide involving companies or individuals from the 41 signatory countries to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention who were involved in bribing foreign public officials.

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