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Entries in NYC Conference 2016 (17)


Tom Fox: A bulletin board for the compliance community

The FCPA Blog is the granddaddy of all the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act blogging. It was founded nearly 10 years ago by Dick Cassin and is recognized as one of the top sources for all things FCPA and compliance related.

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Julie DiMauro: Sometimes Sunshine, Sometimes Rain -- The CCO and Fellow Employees

I became a runner for the first time in my life in late 2003. I had run the Corporate Challenge while working at Fidelity Investments in Boston, and I became hooked. I called the contact person for a large running club in my area of Boston, and told him I was interested in joining them for a run.

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Richard Bistrong: The dangerous charm of agents

What is it about agents, fixers, and intermediaries that makes them so attractive while potentially toxic to multinationals?

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Fox and Rosen: What went down in New York City

In their latest podcast, Tom Fox and Jay Rosen talk about Wednesday's FCPA Blog NYC Conference.

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Lanny Breuer: Pilot Program falls short

The DOJ's Pilot Program to encourage companies to self report bribery and cooperate with prosecutors doesn't fix some problems with FCPA investigations and enforcement actions, Lanny Breuer said Wednesday.

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Richard Bistrong: One more cross examination about the Africa Sting

I'll be talking about the Africa Sting on October 26 at the FCPA Blog Conference in NYC. It will be the first time I've publicly discussed my role in the Sting.

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Mike Scher: The FCPA Blog NYC Conference is next week!

What do I love about the FCPA Blog NYC Conference? It's big and broad just like the FCPA Blog itself. It has the energy of the blog's global readers.

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Fox and Scher: Who do compliance officers really work for?

Who do compliance officers really work for? The company, the public, or the feds? That's what Tom Fox and Mike Scher will be discussing at the FCPA Blog NYC Conference on October 26.

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Andy Spalding to speak about the DOJ Pilot Program at the FCPA Blog NYC Conference (October 26)

We're now halfway through the DOJ’s historic one-year FCPA Pilot Program. 

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Lanny Breuer will speak about the coming revolution in compliance and enforcement at our NYC Event (October 26)

Lanny Breuer was named by The National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.

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Meet Heike Böhme, an FCPA Blog NYC Conference Scholarship winner

Heike Böhme is currently the General Integrity, Compliance & Legal Counsel for SOS Children’s Villages International with its registered office in Innsbruck, Austria.

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The FCPA Blog NYC Conference is less than a month away!

The best speakers in the enforcement and compliance community will be appearing at The FCPA Blog NYC Conference, including Lanny Breuer, Bill Steinman, Ren McEachern, Shruti Shah, Bill Waite, Tom Fox, and many more. 

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