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National security: Are Chinese companies targeted for FCPA enforcement?

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice announced a new “China Initiative.” According to the press release, the Initiative “reflects the Department’s strategic priority of countering Chinese national security threats and reinforces the President’s overall national security strategy.”

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Daniel R. Alonso: How Clayton’s SEC is likely to view the FCPA

In the days following President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement of his intention to nominate Sullivan & Cromwell partner Jay Clayton as Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, countless observers have opined on how the SEC’s priorities may change in the upcoming administration.

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In state of the FCPA speech, Caldwell says Pilot Program is working

DOJ criminal division chief Leslie Caldwell used a wide-ranging talk Thursday at George Washington University Law School to defend the six-month old Pilot Program and to describe the Justice Department's FCPA enforcement efforts and the current state of corporate compliance.

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Frédéric St-Martin: Whistleblowing from within the intelligence community

Many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, require the disclosure of wrongdoing occurring within the intelligence community to be done internally.

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Threat to peace: Kleptocrats and diversionary wars

In her excellent book, Thieves of State, Sarah Chayes argues persuasively that foreign corruption is a threat to U.S. national security because it drives people to radical Islam. There is an additional aspect to this problem: corrupt regimes are a national security threat because they start wars in order to divert attention from their own corruption.  

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The BOTA Foundation explained (Part Three): The Giffen case

The story of the failed FCPA prosecution of James Giffen is likely familiar to many readers of the FCPA Blog.  Following a three-year investigation by the DOJ that started in 1999, in March 2003 Giffen was arrested as he was boarding a Paris bound plane at JFK.

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FCPA, Bribery Act have a role in the fight against terrorism

There still seems to be some debate as to whether the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and other international focused anti-bribery legislation aids in the fight against terrorism. But the continuum from corruption to crime to terrorism is well-established and arguing that laws such as the FCPA have no place in a country’s overall security regime seems to be me to be naive at best.

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In defense of the Caldwell Doctrine (in reply)

Yesterday's post on Leslie Caldwell's vision of the FCPA elicited a number of comments. And I do love a good back-and-forth.

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In defense of the Caldwell Doctrine

Image courtesy of C-Span via YoutubeAs the FCPA Blog reported last week, DOJ criminal division chief Leslie Caldwell recently gave an important talk at Duke Law School in which she laid out her vision of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Her vision is compelling, and important, in so many ways. I rise in defense of one of them.

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Caldwell: ‘We fight overseas corruption to protect our national security’

At Duke's law school Thursday in Durham, North Carolina, Leslie Caldwell, the chief of the DOJ's criminal division, talked about international crime and enforcement. She covered the fight against cybercrime, kleptocrats and their assets, Libor rigging, sanctions offenses, human trafficking and child exploitation, and corruption.

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Acting DOJ criminal division boss knows cross-border cases

David A. O’Neil was appointed Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division on March 21, 2014.

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Holder to the World: ‘Corruption can be overcome’

Here's an excerpt from Attorney General Eric Holder's remarks Monday at the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery in Morocco.

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