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Compliance Alert: Mexican government grants itself right to seize and sell ‘unexplained’ corporate assets

Last Friday the Mexican government issued the National Law for Dominion Extinction in a direct attempt to ameliorate and control the product of illicit activities such as corruption and money laundering.

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Practice Alert: Mexico expands asset forfeiture to anti-corruption enforcement

Legislative changes in Mexico continue to expand the tools prosecutors have to fight corruption and to effectively recover illicitly acquired assets, particularly from corrupt activities. This is all the more significant given the recent major prosecutorial actions against the former CEO of PEMEX and others in what seems to indicate Mexico's turn toward pursuing major corruption cases.

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Walmart pays $282 million for FCPA resolution

Walmart Inc. agreed Thursday to pay the DOJ and SEC $282 million to settle allegations that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices by paying an intermediary in Brazil for help obtaining construction permits and having weak anti-corruption internal controls in Brazil, China, India, and Mexico.


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Mexico joins the anti-bribery enforcement bandwagon

Anti-corruption law has never been thought to hold much sway in Mexican affairs. Despite a nominal prohibition of bribery and graft and an abundance of recent corruption scandals, the country’s history of minimal enforcement has fostered an expectation of impunity. The message to those who invest in Mexico’s economy has been clear: You can follow your own compliance program as a matter of internal policy, but there is little risk of sanction should any of your officers go astray.

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Mexico’s powerful trust buster also drives anti-corruption battle

Mexico’s antitrust authority, COFECE, has come a long way since the legislative reform starting in 2006. Greater investigative powers, such as a leniency program, the power to conduct surprise raids, and higher maximum fines for competition infringements, together with the creation of antitrust-specialized courts, have consolidated COFECE’s mandate as an independent regulator responsible for enforcing competition law in the country.

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Mexico enforcement agencies eye ‘low hanging fruit’

Mexico has been moving forward with its National Anti-corruption System (NAS) that began with a reform of the Constitution in 2015, followed by new laws that partially came into effect in 2017 and were half-heartedly implemented in 2018. 

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Farming giant CHS discloses FCPA investigation into Mexico border bribes

CHS Inc. disclosed in an SEC filing Monday that it self-reported possible FCPA violations related to Mexican customs payments.

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Luis Dantón Martínez Corres: USMCA heralds new era of anticorruption and compliance

It is not an overstatement to say that a new era on anticorruption and compliance cooperation and coordination efforts has begun with the announcement of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement or USMCA, which is set to replace NAFTA as soon as it is signed in late November of 2018 and subsequently ratified in 2019.

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Luis Dantón Martínez Corres: International trade agreements can help fight corruption

Transparency International just updated its Exporting Corruption Evaluation for 2018, the first update since 2015.

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Mexico: New president thinks corruption is nation’s biggest problem

Mexican President-Elect Andres Manuel López ObradorMexico held a groundbreaking presidential election on July 1 in which Andres Manuel López Obrador, the leader of a wide ranging coalition called the National Regeneration Movement, swept to victory with 53 percent of the votes.

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Compliance pros are rock stars, yes they are

Only yesterday they were pimply FCPA nerds. But a strange thing happened. They morphed into the cool kids.

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Luis Dantón Martínez Corres: Mexico election will decide fate of enforcement

Mexico is just weeks away from a groundbreaking election on July 1. The election has profound implications for the fate of the existing National Anticorruption System.

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