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Practice Note: A jury instruction on FCPA corporate responsibility

Privately-held Lindsey Manufacturing is the only corporation to ever face a full jury trial for alleged FCPA offenses.

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PetroTiger defendant brings latest ‘foreign official’ challenge

Joseph Sigelman, who served as a former co-CEO of PetroTiger Ltd., is the latest FCPA defendant to argue that employees of state-owned enterprises aren't "foreign officials" under the FCPA.

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Special report: Has the FBI disbanded its FCPA Unit?

The FCPA Blog posed this question to the DOJ and FBI's public affairs' offices Wednesday: Has the FCPA Unit at the FBI been disbanded? In response, Christopher Allen in the FBI's Public Affairs Office said: "The FBI's investigations are managed through the International Corruption Unit, and that unit is absolutely not being disbanded."

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Lindsey lawyer 'underwhelmed' by new guidance

Here's what we heard from Jan Handzlik, left, about Wednesday's FCPA guidance from the DOJ and SEC.

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Not So Fast: Are DOJ Flops Always Failures?

When Roger Clemens and FCPA defendants walk, should we only see failure by the DOJ?

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Feds Drop Lindsey Appeal, Case Closed

The DOJ on Friday (May 25) filed a motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to voluntarily dismiss its appeal in the FCPA case involving Lindsey Manufacturing Company, its CEO, Keith Lindsey, and CFO, Steve Lee.

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On This Appeal Hang The Lives Of Men

Without any appellate record to guide them on the issue of 'foreign officials,' should Joel Esquenazi and Carlos Rodriguez have gone to trial? Or should they have plea-bargained for shorter sentences?

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The Lindsey Trial and 'Foreign Officials'

Trial courts have decided 'foreign official' challenges before. We already looked at the Carson case. This time, it's the Lindsey prosecution -- when another federal judge issued a written ruling on the meaning of 'foreign official.'

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U.S. v. Carson and 'Foreign Officials'

In U.S. v. Carson, the defendants submitted a sixty-one page argument on the issue of who's a 'foreign official,' along with a declaration by Mike Koehler about the FCPA's legislative history that stretched to one hundred fifty pages.

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The Punishment Of Prosecutions

For defendants, federal criminal prosecutions leave behind a scorched earth of ruined reputations, shattered health, broken families, and drained bank accounts.

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'Foolish And Unprofessional' Behavior Infected FCPA Prosecutions

The DOJ's once invincible FCPA unit isn't just losing some high profile prosecutions. It's getting clobbered. And a common theme in the setbacks is a lack of professionalism and preparation.

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Has More FCPA Enforcement Brought Less Deterrence?

The DOJ ramped up FCPA enforcement over the past five years. But could its aggressive pursuit of FCPA prosecutions be hurting attempts to deter corruption? It’s possible.

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