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Why do foreign officials demand bribes?

Tackling demand-side bribery, as the proposed Foreign Extortion Prevention Act aims to do, is complex. On the supply side, we know in most cases why business people pay bribes. In the words of the FCPA, it's to obtain or retain business or secure an improper advantage. But why do officials demand bribes?

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Fat Leonard ‘ghostwriter’ pleads guilty

Retired Navy Capt. Jeffrey Breslau (Navy photo)A retired U.S. Navy captain who secretly edited documents and wrote emails for a defense contractor who was defrauding the Navy pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conflict of interest.

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Former Navy commander jailed in Fat Leonard bribes-for-secrets case

Fomrer Navy Cmdr. Troy Amundson (U.S. Navy photo)A former U.S. Navy commander was sentenced to 30 months in prison Friday for taking bribes from a Singapore-based defense contractor in exchange for sensitive information about ship movements and port calls.

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Report: Fat Leonard is now a disabled cancer patient

Leonard Glenn Francis (image courtesy of Stars and Stripes)The Malaysian businessman who spent a decade bribing scores of U.S. Navy personnel with booze and prostitutes is too sick to be in a federal lockup and now has trouble walking.

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Three new indictments in Fat Leonard scandal

Captain David Haas (retired)A retired U.S. Navy captain and two senior enlisted men who were charged with taking bribes from a Singapore-based defense contractor now face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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Boudreau and Reeder: Can corporate tools fix a broken government culture?

The Fat Leonard scandal first broke almost ten years ago, but it's still revealing corruption within the U.S. Navy. Whatever the tone at the top may have been, clearly the “mood in the middle” reflected, at best, hypocrisy within the military’s avowed culture of honor, loyalty and sacrifice.

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Navy officer to Fat Leonard: ‘I’m a small dog just trying to get a bone’

A former U.S. Navy Commander pleaded guilty last week to conspiracy in the bribes-for-secrets scandal that has decimated the Navy's Pacific command.

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Navy commander guilty of obstructing Fat Leonard investigation

An active-duty U.S. Navy commander pleaded guilty Tuesday for helping a Singapore-based defense contractor cheat the Navy and obstructing a federal criminal investigation into the overbilling fraud.

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U.S. jails two Singaporeans for Fat Leonard fraud

Two former executives of a Singapore-based defense contractor were sentenced to prison Friday for helping their employer in a $35 million fraud against the U.S. Navy.

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Former fighter pilot faces military charges for Fat Leonard bribes

Cmdr. David Morales in 2015. US Navy PhotoIn the first prosecution by the military related to the massive Glenn Defense Marine Asia scandal, a former F/A-18 Hornet pilot faced a preliminary hearing Monday.

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Former U.S. Naval Attaché jailed for taking Fat Leonard bribes

A retired Navy Captain who served as the U.S. Naval Attaché to the Philippines was sentenced Friday to 41 months in prison for helping a foreign defense contractor avoid vessel and cargo inspections by using diplomatic cover.

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Admiral jailed 18 months for lying about Fat Leonard

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau was sentenced to 18 months in prison Wednesday for lying about his 20-year relationship with Leonard Glenn Francis, the owner of the foreign defense contractor at the center of a massive bribery and fraud scandal.

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