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Entries in Judicial Corruption (18)


Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez on the judiciary: Do ethics programs create corruption?

We've all heard the question before: Does corruption work as grease in the wheels or as sand?

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Russia takes small steps to fight judicial graft

Although judges in Russia are generally immune from criminal prosecution, the law allows their prosecution for bribery. And each year, the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation opens multiple criminal investigations against judges for alleged bribe taking, with some cases resulting in convictions and punishment.

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Bulgaria anti-graft unit could target more than 7,000 officials

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva (Image courtesy of the Republic of Bulgaria)Bulgaria's deputy prime minister announced the launch of a special unit to investigate major cases of government graft. The new unit started operations Monday under Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov. 

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The corruption within us

Yang Hengjun is a China-born writer now based in Australia. His Chinese language blog is featured on major Chinese current affairs and international relations portals and his posts are read by millions.

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Judge, businessman indicted for Puerto Rico bribes

A sitting Puerto Rico superior court judge who allegedly took bribes in exchange for acquitting a criminal defendant of vehicular homicide was charged with conspiracy in a federal indictment returned Thursday.

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Armenia judges have price list for bribes

Armenia's human rights ombudsman said bribery in the country's courts is so common that judges use an unofficial price list for kickbacks.

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U.K. Supremes dish on judicial corruption

The recent decision of the UK Supreme Court in Kapri v Government of Albania [2013] UKSC 48 highlights the issue of systemic corruption in some national judicial systems.

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Japanese exec jailed in Indonesia for bribery

A Japanese national was sentenced this week in Indonesia to three years in prison for bribing a judge of a local industrial relations court.

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Corruption alleged inside Korea prosecutor's office

In the latest of a series of scandals that have rocked the South Korea prosecutor's office, a doctor is alleged to have paid about $92,000 to have his indictment quashed.

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From Indonesia's courts, outlandish results

Indonesia's judicial system is widely perceived to be marred by corruption. This system has produced some odd results.

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In Indonesia, Two Anti-Corruption Court Judges Arrested For Graft

The Jakarta Globe said they were arrested by the KPK while receiving $15,000 cash in a parking lot from a defendant in another corruption case. All three are now detained.

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In China, Fame Is Fleeting (And Corrupt)

Courts in China have the power to bestow official 'fame' on brands. This has led to a spate of fake trademark-infringement lawsuits, in which lawyers, judges, and companies colluded to produce favorable results for corporate plaintiffs.

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