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Entries in JP Morgan (18)


FINRA fines J.P. Morgan for thousands of HR due diligence failures

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority fined J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC $1.25 million for failing to conduct proper background checks on 8,600 new employees.

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Memo to movie makers: Film roles can be something ‘of value’ 

In the fall of 2013, the FCPA Blog published my series Cameo Corruption, which focused on the potential use of film roles as something “of value” that could be improperly offered to influence foreign officials.

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Jordan A. Thomas: Welcome to the whistleblower revolution

Secrets. We all have them. It’s human nature to keep them. But given recent enforcement actions initiated by whistleblowers, one thing is clear: a good secret has a high price tag.

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JP Morgan revisited: What's a princeling supposed to do?

We at the FCPA Blog are long overdue in recognizing the new resource that is the Global Anticorruption Blog. With my colleague in the legal academy, Harvard Law professor Matthew Stephenson, at the helm, GAB analyzes corruption law issues with uncommon intellectual rigor. They break down issues as few can. In so doing, they add great value to the anti-corruption debates of our day.

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The princeling problem: In search of a legal theory (Part IV, conc.)

After introducing the princeling problem in Part I, developing a two-prong test in Part II, and showing the difficulty in applying that test to JP Morgan in Part III, we’re here considering the possibility that the government is contemplating a reversal of its prior guidance. Such things are momentous and, from a rule of law perspective, fraught; we should pause to carefully think this one through. 

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The princeling problem: In search of a legal theory (Part 3)

In the prior post we distilled a two-prong rule for hiring the relatives of officials, based on the Guidance, opinion releases, and prior cases.  That rule is:

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The princeling problem: In search of a legal theory (Part 2)

The first post in this series mined DOJ Opinion Releases from the early 1980s concerning hiring family relatives. We discovered a bright-line rule: hiring the relative of a foreign official does not violate the FCPA if nothing of value passes through the relative to the official.

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JP Morgan ex-China chief arrested in Hong Kong

The former head of investment banking in China at JP Morgan Chase has been arrested by Hong Kong’s anti-corruption agency, according to reports.

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JP Morgan 'sons and daughters' program hit by whistleblowers, emails

JP Morgan’s controversial “Sons and Daughters” hiring program is still under the microscope, most recently in a New York Times article that said the practice was an open secret among employees.

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JP Morgan rap sheet is deep and wide

JP Morgan Chase reached a tentative deal with the DOJ this weekend to settle a slew of past transgressions for $13 billion.

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U.S., China enforcement crossfire creates new risks

At the beginning of this year, China's president Xi Jinping promised to fight both "tigers" and "flies" -- high-ranking and low-ranking corrupt officials -- in his crackdown on corruption. Since then, the anti-graft campaign has led to the conviction of Bo Xilai and to the front-page investigations of foreign companies in the pharmaceutical and oil and gas sectors, among others.

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Once-loved princelings feel the heat

Suddenly there's lots of buzz about China's princelings -- the children of top officials who enjoy vast privileges in education, work, and business.

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