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Nicole Rose: There's something to learn from, ahem, presidential candidates

Whether we agree with their politics or not, most presidential candidates are a great example of mass communicators, educators, and trainers. They manage to engage millions of people on issues that many would usually consider boring, such as the minutiae of domestic and foreign policies.

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The ‘band of brothers’ who created the FCPA 

Senator William Proxmire and President Jimmy Carter in early 1978. (White House Photograph)When Congress wraps up its current session this week, the last two World War II veterans will leave office. The departures of Michigan's John Dingell, 88, and Texas's Ralph Hall, 91, mark the end of an era.

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And so the legend of Camelot was born

The official White House portrait of John F. Kennedy, by Aaron Shikler.A week after John F. Kennedy was murdered on November 22, 1963, his widow summoned writer and historian Theordore H. White to Hyannisport. She wanted White to write an essay for Life magazine that would compare JFK's presidency to Camelot, the mythical kingdom of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. ‘There'll be great Presidents again,’ Jackie told White, ‘but there'll never be another Camelot.’

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The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society

Photo courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and MuseumWe've talked about the NSA phone and email dragnet. And its apparent links to FCPA enforcement, and the double standard toward whistleblowers inside government and outside.

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