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Stephen Zimmermann: The importance of administrative remedies in the fight against corruption

Responding to persistent corruption in countries around the world takes more than a commitment to a Convention and adoption of sweeping legislation to achieve meaningful progress. A broad view, an innovative approach and a willingness to look across a wide spectrum of solutions are all critical.

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McDonnell walks. Reforms needed

The Justice Department on September 8 announced that it is dropping its corruption case against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. 

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Shah and Currinder: A leader with integrity wouldn't accept $175,000 in gifts

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court vacated former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s eleven corruption convictions. The jury that convicted McDonnell was given erroneous instructions, according to the Court. At issue was the question of what constitutes an "official act."

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Bill Steinman: What does the Bob McDonnell ruling mean for the FCPA?  

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnellOn Monday this week, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously overturned the 2014 corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

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Supremes toss McDonnell conviction, knock DOJ's ‘boundless interpretation’ of federal bribery law

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday unanimously vacated former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's eleven corruption convictions.

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After Gov. McDonnell (Part Three, concl.): How to fix Virginia's ethics laws 

Effective ethics laws, in Virginia and elsewhere, depend on enforcement through prosecution, independent ethics review boards, ethics training, and transparency and openness in government. In other words, Virginia will have to do more than change a few gift laws currently under review.

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After Gov. McDonnell (Part One): Virginia’s flimsy conflict of interest laws

An awakening for the Commonwealth of Virginia occurred when the U.S. Justice Department indicted the state's former governor for public corruption. Bob McDonnell was ultimately convicted on 11 counts of conspiracy, bribery, and extortion. In January 2015, he was sentenced to two years in federal prison.

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Dear Virginia: Do better

Last summer, I wrote a series for the FCPA Blog about Virginia’s "Shamefully Inadequate Ethics Laws" (see here, here and here). I was not alone in criticizing what has been deemed one of the least effective ethics regimes in the country.

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