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Feds seek 40-month FCPA sentence for Florida telecoms chief

A Florida businessman who cooperated with the DOJ after pleading guilty to conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act now faces more than three years in prison.

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New investigations announced in mega-sport corruption

The New York Times reports that U.S. prosecutors have issued grand jury subpoenas in what appears to be an expansive investigation of corruption in international soccer, track and field, and the Olympic Games.

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Bill Steinman: Can you trust your offset advisor? 

Satisfying offset obligations is hard. Readers will recall that offsets are financial obligations imposed on defense contractors by foreign government customers as a condition to defense procurements.  

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Fahira Brodlija: Bosnia and Herzegovina is an FCPA minefield 

The curious case of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s government structure is a direct product of U.S. involvement in the Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the war there in 1995.

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Former FCPA fugitive pleads guilty in Haiti Teleco case

The former general manager of a Miami-based firm pleaded guilty Wednesday to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by conspiring to pay $3 million in bribes to win a contract from Haiti's state-owned telecommunications company.

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Dmitrij Harder jailed five years for FCPA offenses

The Pennsylvania-based consultant who bribed an officer at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was sentenced in 60 months in prison Tuesday for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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Paul T. Oki: Knowing who to run from is half the compliance battle

Doing business in countries perceived to be high risk for corruption and FCPA compliance issues (and unhappily my country Nigeria sits squarely within that category) requires a clear picture of who your local partners are, and whether associating with them represents any sort of risk to you from a compliance perspective.

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Scott Moritz: A plan to integrate the compliance program after an acquisition

As mentioned in my post last week, one way the DOJ determines if a company has performed the required anti-corruption due diligence when acquiring an entity is looking at whether the new entity was promptly incorporated into the acquiring company’s internal controls, including its compliance program.

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DOJ names permanent chief of FCPA Unit

The DOJ announced that Daniel Kahn became Chief of the FCPA Unit, effective June 1.

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Hiring foreign officials: How do you justify it?

One of the threshold questions for a company considering the engagement of a government official is whether the engagement is needed for legitimate purposes. If the company cannot articulate an adequate and appropriate business justification, there is a risk that the engagement may be sought or undertaken for a corrupt purpose.

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Practice Alert: Engaging foreign officials as consultants and speakers

Companies operating in emerging markets sometimes retain qualified government officials to provide services such as consulting or speaking. In some circumstances, particularly in developing markets, these services are necessary and can serve a company’s legitimate business needs.

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Why some doctors at China state-owned hospitals may not be ‘foreign officials’

A recent scandal at a major Chinese public hospital revealed that many of the public hospitals across the country outsource their medical services to private companies and employ doctors as independent contractors.  That could raise doubts about some public hospital doctors in China being "foreign officials" under the FCPA.

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