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Entries in Fordham Law School (5)


Event: Why good people and companies do wrong (Fordham Law School - October 10)

After so many years of hard work and good people entering and progressing in the field of compliance, including its standing in the organization, why is it that good companies continue to get into trouble? 

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Carolina Pineda Martinez: Compliance folks aren't the ‘Bonus Prevention Department’

The real world isn't just good guys and bad guys. There’s a story behind every compliance problem, and even though it may not excuse anyone's behavior, it should be a reminder that people just like us make mistakes -- sometimes really big mistakes.

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Alice BrightSky: Why people commit white collar crimes (and how to stop them)

We’ve all heard of them -- the Bernie Madoffs and Michael Milkens whose cinematic crimes have painted our perception of white-collar criminality.

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Fordham Law offers LL.M in Corporate Compliance, expands JD training

Image courtesy of Forham Law SchoolThe FCPA Blog’s recent postings on the rise in compliance education are encouraging. At Fordham Law School, we're finding increasing demand from the business community in New York and throughout the country for compliance professionals and believe that it is one of the most important growth areas for legal education. We have adjusted our course offerings accordingly.

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FCPA risks in China discussed at Fordham Law event

Professor Daniel Chow, courtesy of Moritz College of Law, Ohio State UniversityBusiness opportunities in China abound. But as anyone who reads the FCPA Blog knows, compliance there can be particularly challenging. Understanding how the FCPA has tripped up others and knowing recent enforcement trends are critical first steps.

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