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What are the best months to open and close FCPA investigations?

Is there a favorite season or special time of the year that's best for closing FCPA investigations or disclosing new ones?

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Walmart pays audit committee board members extra for FCPA investigation

Walmart Inc. said in an SEC filing that it's paying the chair of its audit committee $90,000 in extra compensation because of the workload created by the company's ongoing FCPA investigation.

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Park-Ohio Industries warns about ‘zombie’ FCPA investigation

An American manufacturing company said last week it will stop updating disclosures about an FCPA investigation the SEC hasn't commented on for five years.

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Goldman Sachs: Our sick business culture, weak controls allowed 1MDB abuses

The day after the DOJ announced FCPA and money-laundering conspiracy charges against Jho Low and two former Goldman Sachs bankers, Goldman itself published an update about the 1MDB case and ongoing investigations.

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15 companies disclose new FCPA investigations

So far in 2018, 15 companies have disclosed new FCPA-related investigations. That means the pace of disclosure has slowed from the past couple of years.

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Keenan and Trahar: Uncovering the link between revenue recognition problems and the FCPA 

An analysis of corporate disclosures of enforcement actions and internal investigations highlights the increased risk that those who are investigating other forms of fraud, for example accounting fraud, may find a regulator’s interests expanding beyond the initial scope into areas of corruption.

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The fundamental choice of personal privacy

Soon after we rolled out FCPA Tracker, we began receiving the same question again and again: Do you provide user activity reports?

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When do issuers disclose their FCPA problems?

During the first half of 2018, seven issuers resolved FCPA offenses with the the DOJ or SEC or both. When did the companies first learn about their potential FCPA offenses, (according to their own disclosures), when did they first disclose the potential offenses, and when did they finally resolve the offenses with the feds?

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Report: Microsoft sales practices in Hungary under investigation

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the DOJ and SEC are investigating potential bribery and corruption involving the sale of Microsoft products in Hungary.

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When we talked about the corporate investigations list

Eighteen months ago I was sitting in my dad's office. We were discussing how there was no easy way to dive into and analyze active FCPA investigations.

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Glencore chairman leads bribery investigation

Glencore Chairman Tony HaywardThe chairman of Swiss-headquartered mining company Glencore plc and two other directors formed a new committee to respond to the DOJ’s subpoena related to compliance with the FCPA and money laundering laws.

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Beam Suntory pays $8 million to resolve FCPA offenses

Chicago-based spirits maker Beam Suntory Inc. agreed Monday to pay more than $8 million to resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act charges for improper payments by its Indian subsidiary.

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