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What does ISO 37001 say about due diligence?

ISO 37001-- a new standard for anti-bribery management systems -- slated to be published in late 2016, is expected to be more detailed and internationally recognized than similar guidance published to date.

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Bill Steinman: Let's talk about per diems, without the shouting

Per diems. We in the FCPA bar love to hate them, and with good reason. Who likes the idea of giving cash to foreign officials? If there’s anything that should rankle the anti-corruption specialist, this is it. 

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Worth MacMurray: You’re the new compliance chief. Now what?

Heads up: The six-month anniversary in your new position will arrive in a flash. 

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MacMurray and Benton: ISO 37001 is ‘from business, for business’

Matt Kelly's post for the FCPA Blog about ISO 37001 -- the draft standard for anti-bribery management systems-- was a helpful introduction. We're both members of the ISO 37001 U.S. Technical Advisory Group. We'd like to explain why ISO 37001 is different from past standardization efforts for compliance and why it's important.

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Brooke Hopkins: But is your compliance program scalable? 

The DOJ and SEC haven't used the word "scalable" to describe an effective compliance program. But they've described scalability when talking about what's needed.

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Hey, who changed the FCPA Resource Guide?

In November 2012, the SEC and DOJ released a joint Resource Guide to the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act to much fanfare. While some FCPA practitioners found the Guide underwhelming, others considered it a “thoughtful attempt to . . . provide clarity and practical guidance to the business community.”

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Busted! FCPA Guidance stars in House of Cards

Dear FCPA Blog – Another anonymous tip for you: In the 7th episode of this season’s House of Cards, Claire Underwood (the first lady) is on Air Force One with a stack of papers on the table in front of her.  On top of the stack -- clear as day once you pause it -- the FCPA Resource Guide. Your readers might be amused by this.

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Board committees and the culture of compliance

Boards of directors in global companies are showing an increased interest in establishing financial crime committees and hiring notable experts to advise them.

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