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Entries in Effective Compliance Program (124)


John Bray: Can companies really adopt a single global anti-corruption policy?

How far is it feasible to apply a global compliance policy in widely differing regional markets? And to what extent should there be local policy exceptions?

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Is corporate bribery more like a car accident or an airplane crash?

Nearly 100 percent of the FCPA Blog's readers have experienced traveling in a car when it broke down. But how many have experienced a commercial airplane breakdown while in flight? Almost zero percent.

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Bethany Hipp: Experienced compliance professionals are a good investment

In the frenzy of upsizing, downsizing and rightsizing compliance programs after downturns in the market or in the midst or aftermath of a major investigation, it’s important to keep in mind that experienced lawyers and compliance professionals bring significant value to a company.

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Randy Stephens: Questions prosecutors ask about compliance programs

The Justice Department's new guidance about how it will evaluate corporate compliance programs takes the form of questions its prosecutors would typically ask about a corporate compliance program during an investigation.

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Julie DiMauro: Best practices for today's CCO

Let's start this discussion with: Know the business.

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The DOJ Pilot Program: Financial considerations for both companies and their executives

The DOJ Fraud Section’s recently released FCPA Enforcement Plan and Guidance outlines a novel one-year pilot program for corporate self-reporting and cooperation, with specific fine reduction incentives.

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DOJ launches FCPA self-reporting pilot program with new guidance

Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. CaldwellAssistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell announced a one-year pilot program Tuesday intended to encourage companies to self report FCPA offenses and cooperate with the Justice Department.

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Brooke Hopkins: But is your compliance program scalable? 

The DOJ and SEC haven't used the word "scalable" to describe an effective compliance program. But they've described scalability when talking about what's needed.

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Mike Scher: Compliance officers are executives and subject matter experts

It was a relief to read in a recent post on the FCPA Blog that compliance officers aren't crazy, but are in a tough job, always caught between flawed human nature and meeting the ideals of effective management and business integrity.

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Are compliance officers crazy?

The verdict of history is unanimous: human beings can find trouble anywhere, and always do. We're geniuses when it comes to messing things up.

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How to hire a princeling: Six rules anyone can follow

Last week BNY Mellon agreed to pay the SEC $14.8 million to settle charges that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by awarding student internships to kids of officials connected with a sovereign wealth fund in the Middle East.

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Mike Scher: Scapegoats are out, compliance badasses are in

It's time for the compliance community to be hopeful. In the same month, the DOJ announced it was hiring a compliance expert to help make charging decisions, and an administrative law judge refused to allow the SEC to sanction a former Wells Fargo Advisors compliance officer because doing so would make her a scapegoat.

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