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Due Diligence: Beneficial ownership in real estate transactions

In March 2019, Transparency International Canada released a comprehensive report examining the ways in which Canada’s “lack of beneficial ownership transparency” contributes to money laundering (or “snow-washing”, as it’s known up North) within the Toronto real estate market.

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What's it take to succeed as a local business partner?

In our experience, cooperation with the due diligence process, and developing a deep understanding of the compliance expectations held by multinational companies, are competitive advantages. They help local business partners stand out from the crowd, move through the due diligence process far more quickly, and grow a larger clientele among compliance-focused companies.

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The truth about AI and due diligence

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the possible uses of artificial intelligence in anti-bribery compliance. Most commentators recognize that AI (and its more unassuming cousin, machine learning) won’t do away with current practices altogether. But while the significance of these technologies is recognized, their practical implementation often receives only cursory attention.

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Due Diligence in Russia: A public register of bribe payers

Due diligence in Russia has never been simple. Two recent developments make it more complicated. One makes business more transparent. Sort of. The other makes it less transparent. Foreign companies working in Russia will place themselves at peril if they don’t pay close attention to both.

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Dear Intermediaries: Don’t manufacture your own red flags

I see it time and time again -- third parties that would otherwise pass muster under a client’s due diligence process create their own red flags. 

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Alison Taylor: Today's compliance is more than due diligence and red flags

Every year for the past decade, BSR has surveyed sustainability leaders at our global member companies on the State of Sustainable Business, in a collaboration with Globescan. To mark our 10th year and reflect the shifting global agenda, we have updated the list of corporate sustainability priorities we track: ethics/ integrity and diversity/ inclusion just appeared on our list for the first time.

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Scott Shaffer: Due diligence isn't nice to have, it's a must have

After reviewing the FCPA Blog's post, “When do issuers disclose their FCPA problems?” which focused  on the seven resolved FCPA cases during the first half of 2018, I also examined each of the enforcement actions with a specific goal of determining the impact of due diligence in these cases.

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Illya Antonenko: Should U.S. companies even care about GDPR?

We’re based in the United States, so how does the GDPR concern us?

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Illya Antonenko on GDPR: But without criminal background checks, it's not due diligence

According to a recent informal polling by Deloitte, 11.7 percent of responders are taking a “wait and see” approach to compliance with the GDPR as a whole, not just Article 10. It is a valid position to assume compliance risks as long as the risks are well understood.

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Illya Antonenko: Three months after GDPR, is due diligence still possible?

It has been over three months since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. The sky hasn’t fallen, and we are still here. We at TRACE now wear a t-shirt saying “I survived the GDPR” and see the humor in GDPR jokes and online memes.

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Richard Bistrong: Embrace the best compliance resource of all

Two great recent posts on the FCPA Blog talked about the heavy demands on compliance professionals generated by the global regulatory patchwork.

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Eric Lochner: Panasonic provides a teachable moment

The Panasonic enforcement action in April -- resulting in $280 million in penalties and disgorgement to the DOJ and SEC -- offers almost every lesson a compliance officer might want to discuss about anti-bribery programs.

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