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Developing an internal due diligence procedure? Start here

Risk profiling third parties is now a critical stage of any due diligence process. As businesses continue to expand and grow, more and more factors must be considered when assessing the risk level of a given third party -- whether a vendor, customer, or agent.

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Scott Shaffer: Human intuition is a valuable due diligence tool

Two days ago, one of my senior analysts burst into my office proclaiming, “You can’t imagine what I found and how I found it!” My interest was piqued so he took a few minutes to explain the situation.  

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Scott Shaffer: Due diligence will always be a human skill

In the recent Kinross FCPA case, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated that: “Kinross contracted with a politically-well-connected third-party consultant to facilitate contacts with high-level government officials without conducting the heightened due diligence required by the company’s policies and procedures…”

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Compliance alert: The UK Modern Slavery Act is here

If you're a compliance practitioner seeking to design an anti-corruption program consistent with all laws that apply to your company, you probably recognize the phrase "carries on a business, or part of a business, in any part of the United Kingdom."

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The fapiao compliance mystery (Part 2 of 4): An illustrated guide

Part 1 of this series explained what fapiaos are and why they are used.  Today, we examine the different types of receipts and fapiaos in China.

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