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Rio 2016: Who watches the watchmen?

Conselheiro Thiers Montebello, President of the Tribunal de Contas for the Municipality of Rio de JanieroConselheiro Thiers Montebello is a busy man. He is the President of the Tribunal de Contas for the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (TCMRJ). Established in 1980, the TCMRJ is one of two municipal auditing tribunals in all of Brazil. It is responsible for monitoring projects executed by the City of Rio de Janeiro that are funded from the municipal treasury or through public-private partnerships.

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Report: Petrobras CEO and five executives resign

Petrobras CEO Maria das Graças Foster has reportedly resigned from Brazil's state-owned oil giantPetrobras CEO Maria das Graças Foster has resigned her post along with five other executives, the state owned company said Wednesday in a securities filing.

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Brazil's President Dilma Takes a Stand

The ongoing saga of Brazilian anti-corruption reform has reached a glorious crescendo. On Thursday, President Dilma Rousseff exercised her line-item veto power (a power the U.S. president lacks) to selectively approve Brazil's Clean Company Act. As a result, this long-time party to the OECD Convention has adopted legislation that creates corporate liability for bribery, cooperation credit for voluntary disclosure, a potential penalty reduction for the existence of a compliance program, and a host of very serious penalties.

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Brazilian Democracy in Action

The protests of the Brazilian people have moved their Parliament to action. Late last week, after a protracted procedural history, the Brazilian Senate approved the Clean Company Act. It now goes to President Dilma Rousseff for final approval.

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In Brazil, anti-graft sentiment fuels a mass movement

São Paulo, Brazil, June, 20, 2013: Demonstrators protesting on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo for civil rights and improvements in public services. The demonstrations began in São Paulo in early June 2013 and have spread rapidly across the country demanding political reform after successive cases of corruption. (Photo by iStock)Brazilians took to the streets this weekend to protest corruption, with huge rallies swelling across the country even after the president promised dialog and reform.

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