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Entries in Criminal Finances Act (7)


Martin Kenney: Unexplained Wealth Orders are coming to UK

The Criminal Finances Act (CFA) was enacted in the UK in 2017. On January 31, 2018, the parts of the CFA dealing with Unexplained Wealth Orders (or UWOs) came into force. Transparency International  has taken credit for the introduction of UWOs and has stated that this was in large part as a result of agency’s relentless lobbying.

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Practice Note: Dealing with allegations of Gross Human Rights Abuse

As noted in the prior post, there are no formal legal defenses available when a company violates the Gross Human Rights Abuse provisions of the Criminal Finances Act. How, then, should companies deal with allegations that they've committed violations?

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Compliance Alert: Due diligence under the UK’s Criminal Finances Act 2017

The most important thing for a company to remember when dealing with the Criminal Finances Act Gross Human Rights Abuse provisions is that it appears to be designed as a strict liability regime with no statutory defenses available.

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New UK law: Liability for ‘profiting from’ gross human rights abuses

The UK's Criminal Finances Act, a new law that expands remedies for UK prosecutors to use against gross human rights abuses, also targets activity “connected to” gross human rights abuses.

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Compliance Alert: New UK law criminalizes corporate apathy toward tax evasion

Ever since the Panama Papers exposed the underground nexus of global tax evasion, regulators have been trying to figure out how to get ahead of it. In the UK, the Criminal Finances Act was passed in late April 2017.

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Rogers and Todorov: How does the new UK law define gross human rights abuses?

In the prior post, we introduced readers to the UK's Criminal Finances Act, a new law that expands remedies for UK prosecutors to use against gross human rights abuses. But what are gross human rights abuses?

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Rogers and Todorov: New UK law creates liability for gross human rights abuses

In April 2017, the United Kingdom enacted the Criminal Finances Act which has created substantial new scopes of liability for companies engaging in business abroad.

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