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Entries in Corruption Perceptions Index (63)


Vlora Marmullakaj: Anti-corruption challenges in a post-conflict country

I'm from Kosovo. It's one of Europe's smallest countries -- about half the size of Vermont -- and its newest, having emerged after nearly ten years of war as an independent state in 2008.

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Arturo del Castillo: Revisiting World Cup fouls and corruption indexes

David Bligh's recent post for the FCPA Blog asked a provocative question: Did the Corruption Perceptions Index correlate with World Cup fouls?

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David Bligh: Did the Corruption Perceptions Index correlate with World Cup fouls?

Watching this year’s World Cup over the last few weeks, I wondered: how does the perceived corruption of the participating countries relate, if at all, to the number of fouls committed by their respective teams?

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Hoping to do business in North Korea? Ah, a few red flags . . .

Assuming OFAC someday lifts the trade sanctions, and business between American companies and North Korea becomes legally possible, what does the initial due diligence look like?

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Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez on the judiciary: Do ethics programs create corruption?

We've all heard the question before: Does corruption work as grease in the wheels or as sand?

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U.S. training company warns about graft risk in . . . . Hong Kong!

It's typical for issuers to warn about corruption risks in Russia and China, and parts of Africa. But Hong Kong?

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Hundreds lose New Zealand drivers licenses in bribery scandal

New Zealand, ranked the least corrupt country in the world, has cancelled hundreds of drivers licenses after an investigation revealed widespread bribery involving driving tests.

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Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez: The Quest for a Unified Theory of Corruption

Writing from 2018, it seems rather unnecessary to keep opening academic articles on corruption by introducing the reader to its social, political, and economic significance—the phenomenon is today so ingrained in popular scholarly thought that there is hardly an individual who needs to be convinced about the position of society at large in regards to public and private malfeasance.

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Robert Clark: Not all corruption indexes are created equal

Any company doing business abroad is going to face corruption risk. Businesses have a responsibility to know where those risks are and to decide how to confront them.

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TI's Corruption Perceptions Index plays role in SEC risk warnings

FCPA investigations and enforcement actions can deeply damage companies of all sizes. Issuers -- those filing periodic reports to the SEC -- warn investors constantly about the risks that corruption can cause.

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Bill Steinman on graft: Why we fight

My approach as a contributor to the FCPA Blog has been to take real world issues I encounter in my law practice and share practical approaches for overcoming them. Today’s post will be different. 

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Rare news from Singapore: Former BP exec charged with taking bribes 

A former executive of BP Singapore was charged Thursday with taking about $4.3 million in bribes from a local businessman.

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