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Sorry, but corruption can be measured

In a recent FCPA Blog post, William Weaver argued that "actual corruption is essentially unmeasurable," and that "our imperfect measurements of corruption, even more accurate random forced response surveys, have found only a noisy relationship between perceptions of corruption and its reality."

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What is corruption? Depends on who's looking

For those interested in the study of corruption from the scientific perspective one thing stands out: actual corruption is essentially unmeasurable.

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The impact of corruption on women, strategies for change 

Photo courtesy of Transparency International via YouTubeThis post -- Part 1 of a three-part series -- reviews some statistics on women's experience with corruption -- as reported by women in eight developing countries -- and considers some reasons for the disparate impact on them.

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Florida may snuff crooked burg

Photo courtesy of "Save Our Town of Hampton, Fla." group on FacebookLawmakers in Florida will decide if a small, rural city that has been plagued by corruption involving the misuse of public funds, nepotism and an alleged drug-dealing former mayor will continue to exist.

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How should we define corruption? (Part I)

Justice Potter Stewart (1915 - 1985)"I know it when I see it," said Justice Potter Stewart of the U.S. Supreme Court. Though he was talking about obscenity, the same could probably be said of corruption as well.

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