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Fahira Brodlija: The case for an FCPA compliance defense

The U.S. legal system doesn't provide for an FCPA compliance defense, which would relieve a company of liability for FCPA violations if it can prove that it created and maintained an effective FCPA compliance program at the time the violation occurred.

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Manny Alas: Argentina pivots… to transparency and compliance

Argentina is experiencing a political and economic renaissance that’s drastically changing its business landscape. There’s a new focus on open markets, transparency and accountability in both the public and private sectors.

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DOJ to companies: New compliance counsel provides a ‘reality check’

The Department of Justice Fraud Section said this month it has hired Hui Chen as a “full-time compliance expert.”

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Feds as thought leaders: A back-door compliance defense takes shape

Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said last week the DOJ's hiring of a compliance counsel doesn't mean the agency is "moving toward recognizing or instituting a 'compliance defense.'"

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A free press exposes graft and restrains greed

The FCPA Blog reminds itself often that freedom of the press and free speech are the most powerful weapons against corruption. As Louis Brandeis said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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The University of Richmond Annual Corruption Issue, Part IV: Getting to Universal Anti-Bribery Legislation 

The University of Richmond’s Journal of Global Law & Business is proud to announce its annual Corruption Issue.  In this series of posts, each co-authored by a UR law student and Professor Andy Spalding, we’ll introduce this year’s articles and invite submissions for next year’s issue.

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Autumnal Adventures to Unchartered Corners

I’ve tried to map out some unfamiliar ways to think about FCPA reform. See these proposals as you might an old map -- exploratory, perhaps imprecise, still incomplete -- but meant to excite the human spirit.

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