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Entries in Collective Action (27)


Conference: Anti-Corruption Collective Action - Evolution to Revolution (Basel, Switzerland)

The International Center for Collective Action (ICCA) at the Basel Institute on Governance will hold its 3rd Anti-Corruption Collective Action Conference on November 14 - 15, 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.

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Going global: IACA’s new Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance

If you thought that anti-corruption compliance was solely of interest in the most industrialized nations of the west or north, know this: the International Anti-Corruption Academy proves otherwise.

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Dr. Thomas Christ: The Basel Art Trade Guidelines 10 years on 

This overview provides a perspective on an industry sector – the art market – that has increasingly come into the spotlight of law enforcement and business integrity circles in recent years. Dubious practices of some market players has led to demands for greater transparency in art market transactions in particular in relation to the secrecy surrounding the provenance of funds used to purchase art.

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Why do national anti-corruption strategies matter to companies?

A national anti-corruption strategy is a statement by the government highlighting proposed measures to mitigate the risk of corruption and a commitment by that government to dedicate resources to those measures.

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IACA: Accepting Applications for New Master’s Degree in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action

The International Anti-Corruption Academy, located outside Vienna, Austria, is now accepting applications for its new International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action program.

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Dr. Klaus Moosmayer: News from the B20 / G20 Process

The B20 stands for “Business 20.” It is the voice of global business in the political discussions held by the Governments of the twenty, economically strongest developing and developed, countries, the “G20

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Martin Zapata: When we say ‘Collective Action,’ what do we mean?

In the tireless quest for effective anti-corruption measures, Collective Action (CA) can be a promising approach. The core principle of CA is that joining forces can boost effectiveness of anti-corruption actions and, even more, level the playing field for those involved.

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Alison Taylor: Here's how collective action can work in real life

Over the last five years, we have seen greatly increased coherence and consistency in anti-corruption compliance programs. But, individual corporate action has only limited ability to confront and address what two authors called "wicked problems" of systemic corruption.

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Metals technology industry leaders announce their participation in Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiative 

The three leading companies in the metals technology industry -- Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA, Primetals Technologies Limited, and SMS GmbH -- have announced their participation in a sector-specific Collective Action Initiative in which they exchange best practice and knowledge in anti-corruption compliance and related developments within their industry.

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Frank Brown: A plan for integrating local partners into the global supply chain

Local firms in emerging markets are often highly attractive to multinationals looking for new suppliers and partners. Those local firms, many of them mid-sized, see joining a global value chain as a key step for survival.

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The Tianjin Catastrophe, Customs Brokers, and Collective Action

Screen shot of drone footage posted by the BBC on YouTubeThe death toll following the huge explosions and chemical fires at the storage center in Tianjin port in China last week has now exceeded 100, including dozens of fire fighters, and hundreds more seriously injured.

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Dr. Klaus Moosmayer: How Siemens manages Collective Action antitrust concerns

Dr. Klaus Moosmayer is the Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens AG (Image courtesy of Siemens)The FCPA Blog has been talking about Collective Action and antitrust concerns.

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