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Former Redflex CEO jailed 14 months for Ohio bribes

The woman who headed a red light camera operator was sentenced Wednesday to 14 months in prison for bribing elected officials in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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From Chicago, a major-league lesson about integrity

Webster defines integrity as "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility." That's not bad. But it's a bit bloodless.

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Barbara Brooks Kimmel: What does the word ‘trust’ really mean?

The media’s coverage of trust is gaining momentum -- but the headlines are still fuzzy. It's not hard to find examples that talk about trust as an adjective, verb, and noun, but that all fail to frame or define for readers what the word “trust” really means.

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Boehme and Kimmel: What Rahm Emanuel can teach us about trust (we're serious)

Rahm Emanuel, besieged by angry crowds clamoring for his resignation or recall, now admits, “We have a trust problem.” Well, Duh. 

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Former CEO of redlight camera operator pleads guilty to Ohio bribes

Image courtesy of RedflexA former chief executive officer of Redflex Traffic Systems pleaded guilty Friday to being part of  an eight-year bribery and fraud scheme.

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Oh Chicago: It’s like taking championships from a Little Leaguer

For the first time in 15 years, in 2015 an ousted Illinois governor left office without handcuffs. Alas the state -- and more specifically, Chicago -- found a new way to remain on the corruption-related newsfeed. Little League baseball.

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Friends and Enemies: When anti-graft campaigns become political weapons

Civil asset recovery actions against kleptocrats stashing their loot in luxury real estate abroad has become a hot new topic in the global anti-corruption movements with the publication of Public Wrongs, Private Actions. This handy guide empowers developing nations with realistic tools to hunt down the stolen assets secreted abroad. Civil lawsuits, unlike criminal cases, do not normally require dual criminality and are therefore often the best and only possible remedy.

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Bulgaria: ‘Imagine Al Capone as the mayor of Chicago’

Image courtesy of WikipediaDear FCPA Blog,

Thanks for the recent post about the arrests in Bulgaria of seven customs officials for taking bribes at a border crossing with Turkey. Fighting graft is a never-ending struggle, and everyone who stays on the alert deserves admiration.

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Job: Chief Compliance Officer - U.S.

Job Title:  Chief Compliance Officer - U.S.

Employer: Aon Corporation

Location: Chicago, Illinois USA

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Former Redflex CEO, ex-Chicago official indicted for rigging red light camera business 

A former CEO of red-light camera operator Redflex Traffic Systems was indicted Wednesday on charges she and a top Chicago official conspired to rig the traffic camera business for a decade.

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Six indicted for India mining bribe plot

A federal indictment unsealed Wednesday charged six foreign nationals, including a Ukrainian businessman and a government official in India, with an alleged racketeering conspiracy to bribe officials in India to gain titanium mining rights.

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What does it take to change the world?

Professor Elizabeth Spahn spoke for victims of bribery before most of us had discovered the topic. She has defended compliance as pro-business and condemned bribes for destroying capitalism. More eloquently than anyone else, she has stood for the idea -- once derided and now embraced -- that compliance and enforcement can change the world and help people live better lives.

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