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UK Bribery Act: 2018 in review, and a few predictions

Last year marked a key transition in the UK in relation to bribery enforcement. David Green departed from the SFO in April 2018 to be replaced (on an interim basis) by his COO, Mark Thompson, and finally succeeded in the autumn by Lisa Osofsky.

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Annabel Reoch: UK Bribery Act first contested failure-to-prevent case

The first contested “failure to prevent” case, in which a company sought to rely on having adequate procedures in place, concluded with a small British refurbishment company being found guilty.

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Joe Murphy: Here's why outlawing grease payments may mean very little

Andy Spalding asked in a post on the FCPA Blog why countries that allow facilitating payments seem to have lower levels of corruption? He didn't find a definitive answer. But I want to offer my own explanation of why countries that permit facilitating payments might have a better record than those that do not.

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Image Sensing Systems reports double declination

Minnesota-based Image Sensing Systems said the DOJ has "closed its inquiry" into potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations and the SEC has also closed its investigation.

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The British Bankers' Association updates its anti-bribery guidance

Head of the BBA, Sir Richard Lambert (courtesy of the BBA)The British Bankers' Association recently issued its 2014 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Guidance, emphasizing the regulatory context and in particular the Financial Conduct Authority's policies, recent thematic reviews and enforcement action.

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SFO has makeover, and it'll scare you

At a bribery and compliance confab last week in London, the SFO's Alun Milford hit the reset button for the UK Bribery Act, warning that his law enforcement agency will start acting like . . . . a law enforcement agency.

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First Bribery Act defendants have court date

Three men charged under the U.K. Bribery Act will appear in a London court Monday.

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What's changed under the UK Bribery Act? Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions

Two years after the Bribery Act 2010 came into force, the hysteria surrounding the Act has abated. There are fewer media pundits pronouncing the end of UK plc as we know it and there are fewer newly invented “legal experts” opining on an area they knew little or nothing about but which they saw as a potential earner to fill the gaping hole left by declining litigation and commercial transactions.

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How should we define corruption? (Part II)

In my last post, I suggested that we really ought to define corruption. Though UNCAC declines to do so, others have taken up the challenge. We have two definitions in wide circulation today, but I'd argue that neither serves us well.

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Abbot Group pays £5.6 million to settle foreign bribes case

An oil and gas driller based in Scotland has agreed to pay £5.6 million in a civil settlement after it self reported overseas bribes to win business.

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