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Entries in Brexit (7)


English private prosecutions are now too important to ignore

Last month private prosecutions became front page news around the world when proceedings were brought against Boris Johnson, the likely next British prime minister, over claims that he lied during the 2016 Brexit referendum.

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Mixed messages from the FCA on Brexit

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) chief executive Andrew Baily has said that Brexit will place “considerable demands” on his organization over the next year. According to him, the complex challenge of successfully extricating the UK’s financial services industry from the European Union will place a strain on the FCA’s resources for the third year in succession.

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Frances McLeod: How to deal with the mess known as EU to U.S. data transfer law

Frances McLeod, a founding partner of Forensic Risk Alliance, is spending a lot of time helping clients deal with EU privacy and data protection issues.

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Rahul Rose: Rolls-Royce’s corruption fine isn't to blame for its record losses  

Recent media reports suggesting Rolls-Royce’s bribery settlement drove the engineering giant to a record £4.6 billion ($5.7 billion) loss are not factually accurate, and contribute to a misleading narrative that big companies are too fragile to be punished robustly for corruption.

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Survey: Compliance professionals grapple with Brexit, Trump, and a hazy horizon

Fears of an economic slowdown and the future of Europe are the main issues keeping global compliance professionals awake at night. Those are the findings of research that we conducted across the industry in late October. 

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Andy Spalding: From Cuba, a Plea for Revolutionary Compliance

There is nothing quite like a week-long trip to Cuba to more keenly appreciate the prospect, and the perils, of foreign investment in developing countries.

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Brexit: What happens to UK financial regulations?

The job of the UK's top financial regulator includes enforcing requirements to designate compliance officers with defined professional roles and duties.

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