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Entries in Belarus (8)


Survey: The highs and lows of Europe-Caucasus-Asia anti-corruption compliance programs 

According to the inaugural ECA Corruption Survey of  business executives, in-house legal counsel, and other professionals operating in the Europe-Caucasus-Asia (ECA) region, 71 percent of respondents said that their country’s anti-corruption laws are ineffective and 62 percent said corruption is a significant obstacle to doing business. What are companies operating in the ECA region, which consists of countries that made up the former Soviet Union, doing to address corruption risks?

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Maryna Kavaleuskaya: Doing business where corruption is a ‘method of governance’

Since Belarus’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, it has maintained strong economic and cultural ties with Russia and has been dependent on Russia's economic support. 

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Unlikely headline: Belarus journalist wins Nobel Prize for literature 

Because of frequent negative press coverage of Belarus, I always try to highlight positive developments with respect to my homeland. That’s a tendency that I typically share with the Belarusian government.

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A stacked procurement deck drove me out of my job

In the prior post, I published part of a note from an acquaintance in Belarus who used to work in a medical supply firm. It described a centralized, top-down procurement system susceptible to widespread graft. In this post, he talks about specific buying practices that defeat the rule of law, perpetuate the system, and protect those involved.

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Witness to corruption: The Belarus medical sector

Last month I wrote posts on the FCPA Blog about my birthplace, Belarus. I talked about perceived corruption there and my optimistic outlook for the country as a destination for foreign direct investment. After the posts appeared, I heard from an acquaintance who until recently worked as in-house counsel for a Belarusian medical supply firm.

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How much FDI can Belarus expect?

Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus since 1994. (Image courtesy of the Belarus Digest)In a previous post, I shared some personal experiences that cause me to believe Belarus has lower-than-advertised levels of corruption, offering a solid foundation for investment. I should also acknowledge that there's plenty of room for improvement.

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Belarus: Europe's last dictatorship, or a great investment opportunity?

Image courtesy of the Belarus governmentI’ve read the back-and-forth posts on the FCPA Blog about Colombia with great interest. In addition to teaching me something new, the discussion inspired me to promote another country that rarely makes it to the top of the foreign direct investment list -- Belarus.

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Spanish pharma wins DOJ declination

In an SEC filing this week, Spanish pharmaceutical firm Grifols SA said the DOJ issued an 'official declination to all inquiries related to the possible violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) that were underway since July 2009.'

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