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White House: Fighting overseas graft still top U.S. priority

Official White House PhotoThe White House yesterday released a national security paper defining U.S. interests and affirming the fight against corruption as a cornerstone of American foreign policy.

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Richard Bistrong: Are politics really part of FCPA enforcement and compliance? 

Much has already been written about the November election and FCPA enforcement and compliance. My perspective comes from a five-year experience cooperating with the DOJ, and which spanned two administrations, including a complete change of leadership at the Justice Department after President Obama’s first electoral victory.

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President Obama ends Burma sanctions

President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order Friday lifting U.S. sanctions against Myanmar that had been in place for nearly 20 years.

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Matthew T. Page: Weak U.S. policies help Nigeria kleptocrats hide and spend their plunder

President Obama and President Buhari of Nigeria meet on July 20, 2015. The agenda included expanding bilateral cooperation on anti-corruption.In a hard-hitting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Corruption Brief Improving U.S. Anti-Corruption Policy in Nigeria, I argue that U.S. policymakers could be doing a lot more to deter elite corruption in Africa’s largest economy and most populous country.

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Think the Cuba sanctions ended? Better read this

The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control published a new set of questions and answers Thursday about the sanctions on Cuba. OFAC's answers will surprise a lot of people.

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Nicole Rose: There's something to learn from, ahem, presidential candidates

Whether we agree with their politics or not, most presidential candidates are a great example of mass communicators, educators, and trainers. They manage to engage millions of people on issues that many would usually consider boring, such as the minutiae of domestic and foreign policies.

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Jerry Fang on the breakthrough: United States no longer a safe haven for China graft fugitives

China’s official Xinhua News agency marked America's cooperation on China’s overseas anti-graft efforts as an important milestone achieved during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Washington in late September.

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Federal procurement and human rights protections: President Obama's mixed record

Official White House photoIn a June 23 letter, 130 members of Congress urged President Obama to finalize an Executive Order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political contributions.

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Compliance officers take note: White House affirms anti-graft priorities

President Barack Obama issued a National Security Strategy Friday, the first one since 2010 and only the second from his administration.

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Will a pay raise keep the Mandarins honest?

China’s State Council has released a plan to increase salaries of civil servants amid public expectations that it will help curb corruption.

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Myanmar Rohingya minority battered by persecution and corruption

Image courtesy of VOA via YoutubePresident Obama will be in Myanmar later this week for the East Asia Summit. A story Thursday by Jane Perlez of the New York Times reminded the president and the rest of the world about the plight of Myanmar's one million Rohingya people and their victimization by corrupt police and immigration officials.

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FBI whistleblowers getting some cover

The DOJ is enhancing whistleblower protections for employees who expose problems at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where reports of retaliation have been criticized by the White House and lawmakers.

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