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Entries in Asset Forfeiture (11)


Practice Alert: Mexico expands asset forfeiture to anti-corruption enforcement

Legislative changes in Mexico continue to expand the tools prosecutors have to fight corruption and to effectively recover illicitly acquired assets, particularly from corrupt activities. This is all the more significant given the recent major prosecutorial actions against the former CEO of PEMEX and others in what seems to indicate Mexico's turn toward pursuing major corruption cases.

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South America: New four-country framework for sharing seized assets

At the end of last year four Latin American countries signed a multilateral framework agreement regarding the disposition of confiscated property resulting from crimes linked to transnational organized crime, significantly advancing the discourse on asset sharing. It signals the political willingness to develop international legal frameworks around asset sharing and the necessity of it.

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1MDB: DOJ forfeiture complaints now target $1.7 billion

The Justice Department filed civil forfeiture complaints Thursday against $540 million in assets allegedly bought with money looted from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.

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Martin Kenney: Confiscating the proceeds of crime will make the Caribbean safer

One of the more interesting developments I discovered during the holiday period was a proposal from the Barbadian Chief Justice Minister, Sir Marston Gibson, to set up a regional asset recovery group in the Caribbean.

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Deterrence or due process abuse: What's up with DOJ forfeiture actions?

A daily news show on CCTV America dealt Tuesday with the DOJ's civil and criminal asset forfeiture cases.

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Want to buy Rita Crundwell's belt buckles?

The U.S. Marshals Service is auctioning 150 belt buckles awarded for top finishes in horse shows that belonged to Rita Crundwell, the former comptroller of Dixon, Illinois who stole $53 million from the city over two decades.

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DOJ returns $1 million in forfeited bribe money to South Korea

Former South Korea President Chun Doo HwanThe Department of Justice returned $1.1 million in forfeited assets to the government of the Republic of Korea Monday. 

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Chad: Corruption is real, the FCPA not so much

On October 26, 2009 I sat in the N’Djamena airport in Chad looking over my notes from a field visit I took to study the development effects of the oil pipeline in Southern Chad. A gentleman, also a foreigner to Chad who was on my flight to Paris, struck up a conversation with me.

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Friends and Enemies: When anti-graft campaigns become political weapons

Civil asset recovery actions against kleptocrats stashing their loot in luxury real estate abroad has become a hot new topic in the global anti-corruption movements with the publication of Public Wrongs, Private Actions. This handy guide empowers developing nations with realistic tools to hunt down the stolen assets secreted abroad. Civil lawsuits, unlike criminal cases, do not normally require dual criminality and are therefore often the best and only possible remedy.

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Taking back from the kleptocrats: Asset recovery burdens of proof

Image courtesy of the Stolen Asset Recovery InitiativeCivil, as opposed to criminal, asset forfeiture cases are the subject of heated debates in domestic U.S. law. Many civil libertarians and thoughtful observers of the U.S. legal system raise serious due process concerns when assets are taken without a prior criminal conviction. Civil cases are governed by lower procedural protections than criminal convictions that require proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Holder unveils new FBI Kleptocracy squad at Ukraine asset recovery event

Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at the Ukraine Forum on Asset Recovery on Tuesday in London, unveiling a new Kleptocracy squad within the FBI that will investigate and prosecute corruption cases in Ukraine and around the world.

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