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Resource Alert: Fraud Section Website Revamp

Earlier today Matt Kelly, founder and editor of Radical Compliance, tweeted that the Justice Department Fraud Section had revamped its website. I went over and checked it out and it is quite an upgrade.

I do not know when the Fraud Section did this update but as with the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs document, it certainly was a soft launch.

It appears the new site compiles several disparate sources of Fraud Section and Justice Department information into one website. Also, there looks to my eye to be some information posted on the Fraud Section website for the first time. In short, it is an excellent and most welcomed resource.

A quick review of the site has a slide show of recent Justice Department resolutions scrolling across the screen. Go down to the bottom of the screen and you will see two very interesting documents, a 2015 and 2016 Fraud Section Year in Review. The FCPA Unit section includes such information as prior enforcement actions, Opinion Releases, other anti-corruption treaties and resources. There is also a list of Fraud Section leadership.

However, the Fraud Section is made up of more than simply the FCPA unit and there are tabs for the following Health Care Fraud and Securities and Financial Fraud.

Most interesting to me was the tab for the Strategy, Policy and Training Unit, which I have to admit, did not know was a part of the Fraud Section. The opening page for this Unit provides a description of its work. It is as wide ranging as international coordination and interaction with foreign prosecutors and investigators.

In addition to the location of the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs document, under this Unit is also listed the following resources which track the evolution of the Department’s thinking on compliance program best practices and Fraud Section metrics to evaluate such programs.

The following interviews and discussions are listed:

This new website revamp is a most welcomed resource for the compliance community.

While it may be viewed as simply a compilation of other sites and locations within the greater Justice Department website by some, I believe the vast majority of compliance practitioners will find it a most welcomed compilation and resource.


Tom Fox is a Contributing Editor of the FCPA Blog. He has practiced law in Houston for 30 years. He's the creator of the award winning FCPA Compliance and Ethics website. He is the Compliance Evangelist. His best-selling seminal book, "Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act: How to Create a First Class Compliance Program” (available from Amazon here) is widely viewed as one of the top volumes on the nuts and bolts of compliance.