Afra Raymond: 'They have to function as public servants' (with video)
Monday, September 7, 2015 at 8:28AM
The FCPA Blog in Afra Raymond, CL Financial, TRinidad & Tobago

Here's a five-minute clip from Afra Raymond, the fearless anti-graft campaigner from Trinidad & Tobago.

He's talking about the collapse of CL Financial and one of the biggest bailouts ever of a private company with public funds in the Caribbean.

Why is there a government code of silence around how TTD$25 billion ($3.9 billion) of taxpayers' money that was spent?

Raymond said, "At a time when we hear of falling state revenues and we know there is no soap or toilet paper in our public hospitals, this is the story of how TTD$25 billion of our money was used to bailout the wealthiest man in the Caribbean."

"This is the story of the fight by the Ministry of Finance to conceal the details of that massive payout," he said.

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