On CNN, Dean Tillipman defends FIFA enforcement action
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 9:28AM
Richard L. Cassin in Fareed Zakaria, Ffia, Jurisdiction, Noah Feldman, RICO

FCPA Blog senior editor Jessica Tillipman appeared Sunday on Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN. She and Harvard Law Prof Noah Feldman debated whether the DOJ overreached with the FIFA indictments last month.

Tillipman, an assistant dean at The George Washington University Law School, argued in favor of the DOJ action, with Prof Feldman taking the other side.

"Corruption in FIFA has long been whispered about but few thought this all-powerful agency and its all-powerful president could be shaken," Zakaria said. "But both were, thanks mostly to the United States, not the Swiss, where FIFA is headquartered, or any of their football fanatic European neighbors."

Zacharia asked Dean Tillipman: How did that happen?

"If you read the indictment," she said, "it's pretty clear that there's a strong jurisdictional tie to the U.S. The key here is the use of the RICO statute, which has essentially enabled the U.S. government to go after many different individuals -- for many different crimes over a long period of time in one indictment.

"And if you look at the connection in the actual indictment, it points to regular use of the U.S. banking system to funnel illicit funds inside and outside of the United States. It points to planning and conspiring inside the United States to further these illicit activities. And of course CONCACAF is located in Miami, Florida."

The full five-minute segment can be viewed here.


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