China Corruption Blotter (June 5, 2015)
Friday, June 5, 2015 at 7:28AM
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Shi Xiongliang, former deputy general manager of Maanshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd, stood trial for taking bribes worth $306,451 from suppliers and sales agents.

Former general manager of Shenzhen Xinguang Industrial Co Ltd, Liang Xinghui, was tried on charges of embezzlement, bribery and framing. Liang was accused of embezzling company’s assets along with his wife. Liang also bribed police officers to frame corruption charges against a whistleblower who disclosed his misbehaviors.

Wang Lisha, legal representative of Beijing Kairix Creativity Technology Co Ltd, was sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted guilty of paying bribes to win railway equipment supply contracts.

Gong Weiguo, mayor of Linxiang city in Hunan province, has been sacked and placed under investigation for alleged drug use. Local residents reported him to discipline inspectors and he has admitted taking drugs.

Cao Yaofeng, former deputy chairman and general manager of Shanxi Jinneng Group, has been expelled from the party and dismissed from office for allegedly taking and paying bribes.

State-owned Qingdao Beverages Group general manager, Liu Hongmei, is being charged with taking bribes and negligence in her duties which caused losses of state assets. Liu previously worked as general manager of Qingdao Laoshan Mineral Water Co Ltd and Qingdao Huadong Winery Co Ltd.


Hui Zhi is the Senior Manager for Content with the China Compliance Digest.

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