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Zhou Yongkang jailed for life for graft and leaking state secrets

Here's the statement from the First Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin issued June 11 announcing the sentencing of Zhou Yongkang, China's former domestic security tsar and a member of the powerful Politburo Standing Committee.

Zhou once also controlled state oil giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

He's by far the biggest tiger to fall from power during President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption purge.

Our thanks to Covington & Burling for their unofficial translation of the court's statement:

*     *     *

On June 11, 2015, this Court pronounced the first instance judgment in accordance with law on Zhou Yongkang, charged with bribe-taking, abuse of power, and deliberately leaking state secrets. 

[The court] finds that Zhou Yongkang committed: the crime of bribe-taking and sentenced [him] to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscation of personal property; the crime of abuse of power and sentenced [him] to seven years’ imprisonment; and the crime of deliberately leaking state secrets and sentenced [him] to four years’ imprisonment.

The sentences are to be served concurrently penalty, [and the Court]decides to impose a sentence of life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation of personal property. 

Zhou Yongkang expressed in court that he would obey the judgment and would not appeal; when this case entered judicial investigation, the investigatory agencies have been acting in accordance with law, enforcing the laws in a civilized manner, and speaking only facts and truth, which fully demonstrated China’s judicial progress and caused him to realize the damages he had brought to the Party’s cause by his crimes, and the serious impact he had brought to society. 

Zhou Yongkang confessed again and expressed penitence. 

-06-11 17:59:00 Time of Issuance: June 11, 2015

*     *     *

2015 年 6 月11 日,本院依法对周永康受贿、滥用职权、故意泄露国家秘 密案进行了一审宣判,认定周永康犯受贿罪,判处无期徒刑,剥夺政治权利终 身,并处没收个人财产;犯滥用职权罪,判处有期徒刑七年;犯故意泄露国家 秘密罪,判处有期徒刑四年,三罪并罚,决定执行无期徒刑,剥夺政治权利终 身,并处没收个人财产。周永康当庭表示,服从法庭判决,不上诉;进入司法 调查以来,办案机关依法办案、文明执法,讲事实、讲道理,充分体现了我国 司法的进步,使他认识到自己违法犯罪的事实给党的事业造成的损失,给社会 造成了严重影响,再次表 示认罪悔罪。

Unofficial Translation Courtesy of Covington & Burling LLP