Venice mayor arrested in flood-barrier graft probe
Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 2:08PM
Richard L. Cassin in Giorgio Orsoni, Italy, Moses barriers, Venice, flooding

The mayor of Venice and at least 30 others have been arrested in a corruption investigation related to the building of underwater barriers to protect the city from flooding.

Italy's financial police arrested Giorgio Orsoni Wednesday for alleged corruption, extortion and money laundering, the Guardian said.

After a three-year investigation, police last year arrested the head of the consortium building the so-called Moses barriers.

Orsini, 67, pictured above, has been mayor of Venice since 2010. He's a lawyer and once served as head of the Bar of Venice.

More than $27 million was allegedly "diverted abroad to bribe politicians," the Guardian said.

The first of the long-delayed underwater barriers was installed last year, the paper said.


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