China Corruption Blotter (November 21, 2014
Friday, November 21, 2014 at 7:08AM
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Foshan Shengbang Medicine Co Ltd and Foshan Shengbang Medical Equipment Co Ltd have been fined $49,000 each for bribing medical officials to win supply contracts. Qi Yaofang, former head of the Foshan Food and Drug Administration, is being investigated for taking $18,000 in bribes from the two companies.

He Bingliang, former head of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Center of Guanlan Sub-district in Shenzhen city (Guangdong province), was given an 8-year prison sentence for accepting bribes of $193,800 offered by a slaughterhouse owner named Xu Gang. In exchange, He allowed the slaughterhouse to sell toxic pork.

Dong Lecheng, chairman of Ruili Airlines and CEO of Yunnan Jingcheng Group, is being investigated by discipline authorities for paying bribes. In 2007, Dong was sentenced to one year in jail and fined $1.6 million for running an illegal casino.

Gansu Haosen Mining Co Ltd has been fined $1.4 million over crimes of tax evasion, illegal mining and paying bribes to government officials. The company’s former legal representative Ma Sen, general manager Ma Xiuyun and deputy manager Yang Yingqi counterfeited financial reports to evade taxes totaling $756,600. The three executives received up to 6 years jail terms.

Hua Jun, a former senior inspector at the Bank of Communications’ Anhui province branch, has been charged with taking $523,346 in bribes in return to grant business favors and office construction contracts to bribe-givers, including Anhui Sea-converge financing Guarantee Co Ltd.

Chen Tiexin, vice chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has been expelled from the party and dismissed from public office for allegedly accepting bribes to seek profits for others and having extramarital affairs. Chen was said to be involved in corrupt land and property deals.


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