In China, Wal-Mart recalls fox-tainted donkey meat
Monday, January 6, 2014 at 2:08PM
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This story may help explain the Western perception that some Asians will eat . . . . anything.

The Shandong Food and Drug Administration reported that DNA testing of donkey meat sold by Wal-Mart showed that it also contained fox meat.

Walmart is conducting an investigation and said it will strengthen its food-safety compliance, according to reports.

The company issued an apology over Weibo.

In its report about the incident, the Atlantic quoted from The Silk Road Gourmet:

Donkey meat is also available in Beijing, Shanghai and most big cities in between, but Gansu is the epicenter of donkey cuisine and where the most delicious dishes can be found. I sampled several donkey dishes, but by far the most delicious was the Donkey with Yellow Noodles (lurou huangmian) [I] had in Dunhuang….

The meat is tender, sweet and delicious. It tastes nothing like pork or beef. For obvious reasons, it does taste a little like horse, only it is sweeter and more tender, and like horse and many hoofy game meats it is also low in fat and high in protein. In addition to tasting good and being a healthy meat, it is also, very inexpensive, which I am sure adds to its popularity.

Fox meat is cheaper than donkey meat due to its specific gamey flavor, the Los Angeles Times said.

Wal-Mart said it will reimburse customers who bought the fake donkey meat. It may also take legal action against the supplier, Dexhou Fujude Food Co. Ltd.

China consumers have been "regular targets of rat, fox, and mink rings trying to pawn off these meats as beef and mutton," the Atlantic said. 


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