The ‘Genre of Blogs’
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 2:28AM
Richard L. Cassin in About This Blog, Commentary, Enforcement Policy, Reader Comments

Introspection is rare in this quadrant. On the other hand, we're as susceptible to flattery as the next blog. So these two notes, sent within a couple hours of each other, had us walking on air.

Here's the first one:

Dear FCPA Blog,

I just had to tell you how much I like the post Not So Fast: Are DOJ Flops Always Failures?

I read it when you wrote it and enjoyed it then as well. I think the government is often unfairly criticized and it's always good to see someone stand up for them (in a balanced and fair way).

I often point students to this post for a more balanced approach to the DOJ's record.


[name withheld]

And here's the second note:

Dear FCPA Blog,

To a busy reader at a job, a blog post with too much going on in it can feel like pressure. Thanks for sparing your readers that pressure.

The ‘Genre of Blogs’ is really interesting. In literary history -- from novels, to meandering personal essays, to short stories --  we now have Blogs.

What a great day for public free speech and freedom of association.

The dark secret: Some of it is down to the editor! Thanks so much.

I  know from sticking with the FCPA Blog for many years that SHORT is much better. Stick to ONE point and say it clearly. And too many links is also contrary to the brevity of the genre.

Thanks for keeping to the program.

Kindest regards,

[name withheld]

And here's our little secret. Nothing could make us happier than knowing that readers like these -- like you -- enjoy our topic as much as we do.

Thanks for the lift.


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