The Richmond Research Guide: Updated
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 1:28AM
Andy Spalding in OECD, OECD Convention, Training, Transparency International, UN Convention Against Corruption, United Nations, University of Richmond

Not too long ago we announced the new University of Richmond Research Guide, a free online tool for conducting anti-bribery research. And we'd now like to thank the many readers who have suggested valuable additions.

We've added a number of memos and articles to the database.

We've even added a new tab, "Training Materials and Practical Guidance," that contains many of Transparency International's helpful documents.

To find the research guide, go to the "Archive" tab on any page of the FCPA Blog. In the drop down menu click on "Online Anti-Bribery Research Guide."

Once there, you'll find the research guide, which has tabs for the FCPA and UK acts as well as the OECD and UN conventions. Additional tabs provide lists of online legal research guides and resources, various rankings, surveys and reports, and the above-mentioned training materials. You'll also find the Anti-Bribery Scholarship Database, a Googledoc that catalogues almost a hundred anti-bribery articles.

We hope that practitioners, government officials, students, and faculty around the world will avail themselves of this free resource. And as always, comments are most welcome.


Andy Spalding is a senior editor of the FCPA Blog.

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