China Corruption Blotter (May 10, 2013)
Friday, May 10, 2013 at 6:08AM
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In Zhangzhou (Fujian Province), Lin Yuhong and Wu Jinrong were arrested for allegedly selling 40 tons of diseased pig corpses to meat processing plants in other provinces, reaping more than $486,510 in the process. The pair were hired by the local government to dispose of the pig corpses.

In Chongqing, 21 officials, including six SOE managers, have been punished in connection with a honeytrap scheme carried out by local developers. The following public company managers have been dismissed from office:

Wang Kaihu, former deputy chief of criminal investigation team in the Public Security Bureau of Qiongzhong (Hainan Province), was sentenced to ten years in prison for taking $23,028 in bribes to release detainees.

Li Rujun, former deputy general manager of China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co. Ltd., was sentenced to three years for embezzling $64,868 in public funds. Prosecutors said Li used public money to bribe railway officials in order to win contracts in Nanchang area (Jiangxi Province) and the Beijing-Kowloon railway line.

Liu Li, former Party secretary of Yanling County (Hunan Province), was sentenced to four years for corruption and misappropriation of public funds. He was charged with accepting a bribe of $3,243 and illicitly pocketing $50,272 during his time as the county’s Public Security Bureau chief.

Wang Chengkui, former deputy Party secretary of Guangdong Justice Department, is under investigation for reportedly taking “a huge amount” of bribes.

Wang Yezheng, former Party secretary of Danzhou city (Hainan Province) Agricultural Commission, got seven years for taking $243,315 in bribes during his tenure as chief of Danzhou Land Environmental and Resources Bureau. Wang’s alleged bribers include Hainan Yuexin Group, Fuyuan Hotel, Danzhou Yindao Industry and Commerce Co. Ltd, Hainan Jinding Auction Co. Ltd, and Danzhou Huixiang Flower and Tree Co. Ltd.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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